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FS/free: audio gear and furniture


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Hey guys, as most of you know i'm off to travel the world soon, so i'm looking to offload pretty much my whole apartment before i go. Money would be great because i'm now jobless, but mostly i just want my stuff to go to a good home, so offers with sob stories are welcomed. I also accept payment in Becks, Bombay and Cuervo.

Audio gear

  • 2x KRK Rokit 5 active monitors - $250
  • Roland A300-PRO MIDI keyboard/controller - $125
  • Tascam US 144 Mk ii Audio/MIDI interface - $125
  • Altec Lansing desktop computer speakers - free

All of above are about a year old and in good condition.


  • Dark brown wood bedroom set (2x bedside tables and dresser), cost $1100 at Leon's last year, asking $600
  • steel rod and silver/gray CD holder, very sturdy ~300CDs - $75
  • 2x black full-height Walmart bookshelves - free
  • black full-height Walmart bookshelf (skinnier) - free
  • white low Walmart "shoeshelf" - free
  • brown DVD holder/TV stand thing - free
  • wooden Ikea coffee table with lots of storage - 6-pack
  • wooden Ikea dining table with extension thingy, +2 chairs - 2 6-packs
  • Ikea leather couch (beat up but usable) - 6-pack
  • double bed with mattress (i inherited this and can attest that all the stains since i've had it are beer or coffee spills; i can't speak for before) - i'll buy you a 6-pack

I smoke inside, if that's a concern for anyone. No pets, though.

I have a bunch of kitchen shit, lots of sci-fi and comedy DVDs, some sci-fi novels and various knick-knacks (Christmas tree etc), but they're not really worth listing, consider it a bonus if you drag some furniture out of my house for me.

PM for photos if you're interested in anything. I'm at Yonge + St Clair and not working, so should be fairly available. Tribe and real-life friends get first dibs, but i need it all gone in the first week of August, so let me know.
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Totally feel ya there ;) I can take pics tomorrow when i'm sober. It's nothing special, just one of those metal frame thingees.
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Speakers are gone, Tascam is still available.

The coffee table is going shortly, and the wide bookshelves may or may not be going this afternoon depending on if the person can fit in their car. Other stuff has had some interest but not yet spoken for. I'm here this afternoon so if you drop your email in the PM i can send pics.


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PS Dutch auction in effect. Next weekend is D-Day and honestly the sooner i get rid of most of this stuff the better. More than anything i just want them to go to a good home.

I also have a microwave and a standing lamp and a couple of bedside lamps. And a (possibly broken) Alesis io2.


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Alright, it's D-Day. Still not claimed; make an offer:

- Tascam US-144 Mk ii
- Korg Micro Key 25
- standing lamp
- 2 bedside lamps
- dollar store ghettoblaster
- matching sets of plates/bowls/etc
- matching cutlery
- super-nice crystal fruitbowl
- glass vase
- steel rod CD rack
- small white shelf
- small black wire rack/sideboard thingy
- tons of sci-fi and comedy DVDs
- misc sci-fi novels and pretty much the whole Paul Theroux collection
- 3-man dome tent
- sleeping bag
- vacuum cleaner
- grab bags of assorted Christmas and Halloween decorations/lights/etc
- tons of trade paperbacks (see other thread) which are currently boxed so you will need to call in the next 2 hours
- toolbox with the usual odds and ends plus multimeter
- wireless router (5GHz)
- TekSavvy cable box

Not screwing around any more, you gotta pick it up in the next two days or it's most likely ending up in the garbage, which would be a shame. Of course any travel donations would still be much appreciated. I know y'all will be downtown for Bounce and Cherry Beach, so make the most of the trip ;-)

Text 416-836-1699 or PM, i'm leaving the country Thursday.
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