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FS: Final Scratch Version 1.0


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Hey guys, I am selling my final scratch system (not including my laptop).

Its version 1.0 and I have the original packaging, the scratch amp, all of the cables, software and manuals. I also have 5 copies of the dummy record used to control the mp3's. Everything is in great condition, and I've never had a problem with the system.

Two of the records have been used and three of them are in their original shrink-wrap (I had them as backups in case one of the one i used died at a show).

I'm selling it to help pay for some CDJ's, I've decided to go the route of CD's over final scratch . If you have any questions or are interested in buying, PM me. Asking price is $500 Cnd.

Be forwarned, there are some compatability issues with FS and some laptops. Check the stanton website to see if you laptop will work with FS.
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I'm going to let them go with the system so the new owner has fresh ones. You can get them for about 20 bucks in places around toronto. I'm sure the price is comparable elsewhere.