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FS: Fender Squire Guitar AMP & Black Leather Trenchcoat


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Got a small fender practice guitar amp for sale... my digi cam is MIA right now so no pics, but it looks similar to this:

In fact, that could very well be it! Anyways its probably 5 years old, but hasnt been used in 4 of those years. Good amp, and can crank out the sound when needed! $50

Also I have a leather trenchcoat as well.. Wilsons Leather - The Quest Coat

Size L, worn once.. costs $250 USD new, will part for $150 obo.

Contact me via PM or at lazyconor (at) gmail (dot) com


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well in that case, let me abandon my 3 part Marshall stack and tend to that squire practice amp.

Wait, what?


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We can just trade straight up for them if that suits you better.

I think its a fair deal. Fuck, I'll throw in the jacket, you could pull off that look.
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