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FS: Fender Performer 1000 Guitar Amplifier


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Fender Performer 1000 Hybrid Amp

- 100 Watts Output
- 1X12" speaker
- Valve preamps, solid-state output
- Mid 1990s, made in USA
- 3 Channels - 1 Clean, 2 Distorted
- Spring reverb and FX Loop Mix
- Footswitch controls 3-channel selection and Reverb
- Practical for practice and gigging

This amp was only used for recordings and 2-3 shows so it is in excellent condition and works perfectly. The clean channel sounds great and having two separate gain controls for distortion is good for rhythm/lead switching.

Potential buyers are welcome to come and test it out, but I recommend you bring your own guitar since I only have an acoustic w/pickup here. I live downtown near Ossington station.

Price: $200



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