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FS: Evolution 249C Midi Keyboard/Controller

halo five

TRIBE Member
4 octaves and 12 magic midi-sending knobs.
A whole bunch of memory state-saving options that I never bothered to figure out.
I used it for Ableton Live and it works super number one.

USB or adapter-powered. I will throw in a 12 volt adapter and midi cable in addition to the USB cable that came with the unit.

$100 or interesting trades (guitar pedals, guitar cases, records, turntable flight cases, things that make noise, a decent MicroATX case and motherboard)?

pm or stingbeast @ gmail.com
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halo five

TRIBE Member
I've gotten several responses w.r.t. trading records for the keyboard, so here's what I'm looking for:

Downtempo - think Boards of Canada, Bola, Funkstorung, etc, not K+D, DJ Krush, etc.

Goa - any and all

Dancy Rocky Electro-y Stuff - Out Hud, stuff on DFA, etc.

Old 'rave' stuff - Prodigy, The KLF, FSOL, etc.
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