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FS/EOI: comics and CDs


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Some of these are my babies and they're hard to let go, but i do need to cut down on as much stuff as possible because i don't want to store tons of shit at friends places when i'm overseas. I won't go through a detailed list unless people are interested, and there some things that are straight-up no-gos due to sentimentalism, but if anyone is really keen PM me and we can talk.


  • Deadpool - all of the original series not traded; i might've sold the issues after Priest started (can't remember) - these i could definitely sell because i picked them up as a bundle and wasn't "collecting" at the time
  • Cable - all of the original series through to 97ish?
  • X-Man - probably the first 10-15 issues
  • X-Force - original series through to 97ish?
  • Transmetropolitan - all trades
  • Powers - all trades up till 11 or 12
  • Most X-Men crossover trades from the early/mid 90s
  • Madrox, X-Factor - all trades through the first few X-Factors
  • X-Force/X-Statix - all the Milligan & Allred trades
  • District X, NYX - all trades
  • Couriers, Demo, DMZ, etc - most of Brian Wood's stuff through the first few DMZs
  • She-Hulk - all trades
  • Cable & Deadpool - all trades
  • Y The Last Man - first few trades
  • misc indie trades


Probably 80-90% of my collection is here: http://www.discogs.com/collection?user=alison87 And a lot of it i would need a lot of persuading to get rid of, but if you see something you've been dying for or something on a major label that's easily repurchasable let me know.
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Full comic list here, off to Hairy Tarantula next week:


Action Philosophers 1-3
American Virgin 1-4
Army@Love 1-2
Bite Club
Bomb Queen 1-5
The Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix
Cable (Kordey) 1-2
Cable & Deadpool 1-7
Channel Zero 1-2
City of Tomorrow
Tales from the Clerks
The Couriers 1-3
Couscous Express
Criminal 1-2
Deadpool: The Circle Chase
Deadpool: Sins of the Past
Deadpool: Mission Impossible
Deadpool vs The Marvel Universe
Deadpool 1 (The Secret Invasion)
Desolation Jones 1
District X 1-2
DMZ 1-5
GLA: Misassembled
Gunned Down
Hawaiian Dick 1-2
BMWFILMS.COM Presents The Hire
Human Target 1
The Losers 1
Nick Fury: Agent Of Shield
The Nightly News
NYX 1-2
The Other Side
Powers 1-11
The Ride 1-2
Shanna, The She-Devil (Cho)
She-Hulk (Slott) 1-9
Smoke (Kordey)
Smoke and Guns
Teenagers From Mars
Transmetropolitan 1-10
Valerian 1 (The New Future Trilogy)
Wildguard 1 (Casting Call)
XIII 1 (The Day of the Black Sun)
Cable and the New Mutants
X-Men: X-Tinction Agenda
X-Force Megazine (1996)
X-Force and Spider-Man: Sabotage
X-Men: X-Cutioners Song
The Origin Of Generation X
X-Force (Allred) 1-2
X-Statix 1-4
X-Factor (2000s) 1-8
X-Men: Messiah Complex
Y: The Last Man 1-5


Chocolate And French Fries
Frank Cho: Women

Smaller size

2020 Visions
08 (Obama election)
The 9/11 Report
After 9/11
The Alcoholic
America Jr
Koni Waves
Moped Army


Lots of early/mid 90s X-Force and Cable
Most of the late 90s Deadpool run