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FS: ECLER NUO2.0 DJ mixer

Jonny Thrice

TRIBE Member
I have a NUO2.0 mixer here, brand new, open box. It was used as a demo at trade shows etc, however it was never turned on or actually used. Just taken out of the box to look at.


It is also a pre-production unit, while it is 99% the same as normal production units, this one has two small holes in the faceplate for the x-fader (newer models have smooth faceplates which cover the screws underneath. Looks similar to this NUO3.0, which was also a pre-production unit:


$415 CAD takes it. Item is located in Montreal, but I will ship to Toronto/Ontario for free.

New NUO2.0's retail for $500+ plus taxes, so this is a great deal! :D
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an added bonus of the Nuo's is the "3rd" channel on the 2 channel mixers. It is rotary though, but it works.

I am really thinking about going back to decks .. if this happens and you still have the mixer, I will be giving you a shout.