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FS: ECLER 360 HAK mixer


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DJ Veteran asked if I could post this here for him. Please email him, do NOT pm me.

Read Below.

I am currently selling a less than a year old ECLER 360 HAK mixer. If you scratch or don't this mixer is simply one of THE BEST on the market. The fader is even better than a TTM56 in terms of customizability! I have had this less than a year and use it mostly for production in the studio so its in mint condition. The fader is magnetic and basically will last a lifetime as it is contactless! Lots of dope features including FX send/rec...see the spec sheets for more info. There is nothing physically wrong with the mixer, I am just selling it to upgrade with other equipment in the studio.

This mixer also comes with a carrying case at no extra charge!

I am selling it for $750 OBO. You really can't beat that price when this is $1052 normally in stores brand new!

All offers should be directed to DJVETERAN@GMAIL.COM. Act soon as this deal won't last long. Peace.