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FS: DVD player...great condition..

Eccentric (LRG)

TRIBE Member
Its a KOSS model# KD260
I got it for xmas last year(2002)... have used it maybe 15 times since...

Its silver, not bad looking... doesn't have any bangs, might have a few tiny skratches but nothing visable that I can see.

ahhh I dunno much about machines.. i know it plays mp3's, CDR/CD-RW... umm sound is Dolby digital.
S-video out
Hi-res Multi screen format..

The only things is It *doesn't* play VCD's.
Which is why I'm only asking 50$ for it...
it's a good dvd player other then that... oh and you can view picture cds also..

With it comes the connecters for the tv, a remote and the intructions manual...

pm me if anyone's interested...
or email me @ sketchmistressj @ <spam me and die> hotmail.com

p.s. - pix to follow shortly.
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