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FS: Drum & Bass Record Lot


TRIBE Member
For Sale - Approx. 110 drum & bass records to be sold as a lot, labels/artists are below. The majority of these are promos. Asking $200 for the lot, however this is very negotiable as these have to go asap. PM me or email me (beatz2 @ hotmail) if interested.

Labels: Renegade Hardware, Trouble on Vinyl, Timeless, CIA, Function, Moving Shadow, Metalheadz, Skunkrock, Aspect, Perspective, Ram, Ratio, Renegade Recordings, Advanced, Hard Leaders, Cylon, Audio Blueprint, Reinforced, Tangent, Global Thang, Defunked, L Plates, Full Cycle, etc.

Artists: Total Science, Digital, Spirit, Technical Itch, Loxy & Ink, Dylan, Moving Fusion, Red One, Andy C & Ant Miles, Danny C, John B, Peshay, EZ Rollers, J Majik, Sonic & Silver, Greg Packer, Krust, Capone, Future Prophecies, Teebee, Juju, etc.