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14K Cannabis seed slider pendants by tribe

FS: DJ Setup (Turntables, Dual CD, Mixer)

big mic

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2 x Technics SL1200MK2 = $1000
- Including Dust Covers & Original Boxes.
- Also includes Shure M44G Catridges which are almost new.
- More info: http://www.acclaim-music.com/live/customer/product.php?productid=2705&cat=&page=1

1 x Numark CDN-88 Dual CD Player: $500
- Pitch lock
- Built-in beatkeeper with auto mixing
- Two complete loops with three hot stutter starts
- Onboard effects including reverse, flange, warp, phaze, ISO, and echo verb
- Three cue points
- Fader
- Relay start
- 48 seconds buffer memory for anti-shock, instant start, and seamless looping
- Digital outs
- More info: http://www.acclaim-music.com/live/customer/product.php?productid=529&cat=&page=1

1 x Vestax PMC-170A $300
- 3ch, channels are multi-patchable: 3 x Phono, 5 x Line
- 4 Mic channels
- 3-Band-EQ per channel (hi/low +/-12dB, mid +/-16dB)
- PFL, Trim, Balance, Effect-Send switch
- Replaced two faders with rotary fader (Option DF-17)

All equipment in excellent condition. Table & mixing board/amp not for sale.

PM if interested! Holla!

big mic

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Price Drop: :eek:

Turntables now $900
Dual CD Player now $400
Mixer Now $200

Everything is in perfect condition. Like new.
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docta seuss

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back in the day that shit woulda flown out of here.. unfortunately it seems like everyone's trying to sell their gear. booo to market crashes.
Tribe 14K gold cannabis seed slider pendant and chain

big mic

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Here are some more pics. I replaced the regular faders on channels 1 & 3 with vestax rotary knobs because I dj'd deep house. If you pm me your email I can send you high quality pics.


big mic

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Tech 1200 MK2 Turntables w/ Shure M44G Cartridges now $900
Numark CDN88 Dual CD Player now $400
Vestax 3 Channel Mixer Now $200

Everything is in perfect condition. Like new.