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FS: Denon 2700F and older Gemini Mixer

DJ Chris Ryan

TRIBE Member
Denon 2700f dual tray cd player is in near perfect condition, both lasers replaced last year and very few hours use since then.


- Instant Start

- 3-Range Pitch Control Selection

- Independent Pitch Bend Buttons

- A-B Seamless Loops

- 10 Key-Pad Memory Function


http://www.denondj.com/admin/assetmanager/files/DataFile.asp?assetid=54&assettype=Product Sheets


Gemini mixer PDM-3004 is about 6 years old, perfect condition just very basic.
3 channels plus 1 mic channel
8 second digital sampler built in
19" rack mountable

good for someone who is 'curious about dj;ing' ;)


Email: dj_chris_ryan@hotmail.com

thanks for looking:D