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FS: D-Link MediaLounge DSM-320 Wireless Media Player


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I've got a D-Link MediaLounge DSM-320 Wireless Media Player for sale, everything included, with the original box.

Play your digital music, watch your home videos, and jump through your entire library of digital photos directly on your television and home stereo system with the D-Link MediaLounge DSM-320 Wireless Media Player.

The D-Link MediaLounge Wireless Media Player links to your home network and plugs directly into your TV and stereo system with standard digital or analog cables. You can then play your media files directly on your TV.

· Stream Media Content from Your PC to Your Entertainment Center

· Connects Wirelessly Using 802.11g or Via Ethernet

· 17" Slim-Line Design integrates perfectly with existing entertainment components

· View your library of digital photos right on your TV

PRICE: $100 (sells for $179.99 @ Canada computers)

PM or mail me @ marcinn[at]gmail.com