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FS: Continental Conti-sport 215/45/ZR17


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I have 4 *almost* brand new Continental Conti-sport tires. I bought a new car that came with these on it, but I had the dealer install winter tires on it before I picked it up from the dealer. When I picked the car up(after already being driven on the snow tires a bit) it only had 18 km's on it. So, these tires have less then that.

I consider that brand new.

These tires resell for $330/Ea here

I will sell them for $200/piece. $800 total. That's $130+tax, off each tire! Plus no tax on the rest of the amount either!

a total savings of $718. *tv announcer*THAT'S ALMOST HALF PRICE!!!*tv announcer*

The only reason I am selling them, is because I bought 19" rims and tires for it and no longer require them.

*These are high performance tires and meant for summer only use!*

I also have a set of 295/65/15 BF Goodrich radial T/A's for sale as well, if any one is interested. They are brand new!
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