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FS: Complete GPS unit

21 grams

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In Price included:
Used (Very good condition) Dell Axim X5 PDA
+256 MB SD memory card
Brand new Holux 271 GPS Receiver
TomTom 5 Software
Map for Canada
Car holder
Car charger

This set will tell you where is the closest McDonalds or Gas Station, what is the fastest way to get from Toronto to Montreal or any other city in Canada, how to get home without using highways, or any other place that has a name or address. You can always add more maps for any other country in the world.

Complete set. Plug and play. Everything is installed and ready to use.
Price 350.00 CDN OBO
E-mail me at lethaljustice@gmail.com for more details.


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21 grams

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no. you pay for maps and software. Canadian map for TomTom is around 300-400 plus TomTom software.
GPS is nothing but a device that locates you in the world through satellite connection. It sends the signal to satellite, and receives it back with coordinates. Software uses those coordinates to locate you on maps. You don't pay for sending and receiving information from satellites. Although, there are some things you can add for some fees, like :traffic report, or weather...
This unit will locate you anywhere in canada and will give you directions to any point in canada. Any point in the world, if you wish to get a world map(very big, very expensive).
Once again, this unit already has maps and software and gps receiver.

This is a very useful tool if you travel or wish to find new faster/hidden routs. Also useful to find businesses (from stores, gas stations, to casinos and government locations). Has every bit of canada land in it.