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FS: Collection of Japanese Artisan Tea & Sake Sets


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Hi Tribe,

My wife and I are consolidating some of our ceramics, as we live in Japan and these items have been sitting in dry storage with no room left in our cabinets. All items are unused and were purchased new by us here in Japan.

Since we live abroad, you will have to factor $8-$15 in shipping to Canada via EMS Express (airmail) for packages up to 2kg. We can let you know exact shipping cost for any items requested. Shipping time is generally 4-7 business days from my experience and will come with a tracking number.

Please e-mail us for more info - tamagokewpie (at) gmail (dot) com. Payment can be arranged by PayPal or e-mail money transfer within Canada.

I have put each set for sale in our lightbox for better viewing:

1. Arita Flower 6 Piece Tea Set w / Bamboo Handle. 9oz Tea Pot, Porcelain. $30

2. Akechi Sakura 6 Piece Tea Set. 7oz Tea Pot, Porcelain. $25

3. Earthtone Tea/Coffee Mug w / lid, spoon & wood coaster. 8.5oz, Stoneware. $6

4. Leaf Pattern 3 Piece Sake Set. 5oz Sake Pitcher, Stoneware. $14

5. Forest 3 Piece Sake Set. 6oz Sake Pitcher, Porcelain. $12

Hate to part with these, but we have at least another dozen or more sets that we simply have no room for... maybe I'll do another sale in a few months. ;) Enjoy.
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