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FS: Clothes, Accessories, Shoes, Etc!


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once again, it's time for me to make some room for new winter/fall stuff!

i'll be getting rid of a lot of my summer-y stuff, as well as loads of other stuff i have kicking around, as well as everything i haven't sold at previous sales.

read: there is a ton of stuff i still need to get rid of.

i have jackets, zip-ups, blazers, jeans, tank tops, halters, mini skirts, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, purses, flashy belts and some funky hats, shoes, and boots -- all of which are in GREAT condition, some items have never even been worn.

as always, i'll be having "open house" nights, but ask that you pm or email for directions and let me know to expect you.

items are VERY reasonably priced, (as in, most in the $10-$40 range for clothes i purchased for $80-$250 retail) and i can combine items if you're buying in "bulk" to give you a cheaper price. (hopefully some of my previous "customers" can attest!)

to come check out the goods, please pm me or email me at bizzlefunk at hotmail dot com.

i'll post a detailed list and some photos tonight/tomorrow.

thanks for looking!



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okay, here it goes... this is my least favourite part of listing clothes -- the run down!

the following is a list of items for sale, sizes, etc.


-"farm girl" light denim stretch jeans, size 29. low waist, bootcut leg.

- guido and mary "drake" jean. faded denim, flared leg, low waist. size 27

- axara cream coloured stretch nylon pant -- great for work, VERY sexy on. USA size 8

- buffalo, white cotton stretch capri pants - size 29 (i think)

- "dynamite" low waisted cotton/nylon blend work pants, wide leg, tight at the bum. size 5, heather gray. (very nice. they don't fit, still have the tag on them)

- miss sixty laverne jeans -- size 27. VERY tight, VERY flattering jeans. light faded denim, tight-ish leg, regular waist.

- h&m black basic cordouroy pants, bootcut


-bright orange cotton poplin "cheerleader" skirt - size 11, but can be taken in to a size 8 with ties.

- olive green nylon and fleece "bum warmer" sample nyc mini skirt. black bondage-esque ties along the sides. looks best when worn with pants, IMO, esp. in winter to keep your ass warm. size medium.

-white cotton triple five soul mini skirt -- "5" in green and navy emblazoned on the left thigh - size small

- "duchesse" burnt red cordouroy kilt (all one colour). this thing is hot hot hot. size 9

- white spiewak cotton poplin mini cheerleading skirt, with pastel rainbow stripe - side closure. size 27


- orange cotton turtleneck sweater, chinatown, with panda bear detailing on chest. pandabear is sucking it's thumb. REALLY cute!! size medium.

- itsus ribbed sleeve zip up, "pucci print' detailing on front, cream colour on back, navy sleeves and collar. size small

- triple five soul baby blue and navy blue cotton zip up. size small (but fits like an XS)

- ecko red black windbreaker. cut and sew detailing, "ecko red" written accross the chest in red. black hood. size small

-gray and baby blue zip up nylon flo sport vest, mesh detailing inside. size small

- red flo sport zip up cotton sweater. navy blue and silver "motocross" detailing on sleeves

- black cotton sample NYC "ninja top". i fucking loved this top. size medium. the hottest top in the world.


- lux - burnt rose textured drop front blouse with tied straps, amazing cleavage top. size small

- counter culture beige cotton poplin sleeveless tank top. open back, ties at the back. size medium

- kenzie - rouched detailed, "perriwinkle" in colour, sleeveless cotton tank top. size medium

- white ben sherman smocking detailed tank top. cropped, size small

- killah babe striped sleeveless polo style tank top. orange, white, red, navy stripes, VERY low cut, great for cleavage. size large

- pink cotton sleeveless top, yum pop, cartoon apple on the front, with it's arms crossed. caption reads "hard core". (aahahhahaha)size m

- honeydrop cherry tank top - pink, size small

- oneil fitted ladies "baseball" shirt, 3/4 sleevs -- logo on front, caption "united we surf". white and grayish blue, size m

- blue chinatown tank top, halter back, 'd apple' on front, with apple design

- beige basic cotton embroidered tank top with cut out flowerette detailing, MANGO, tags still attached. size small

- "sparkle" brand (urban outfitters) burgundy basic v-cut cotton top, size small

- bright yellow diesel 3/4 length top, size small

- infamous royal blue baby phat tank top (as seen in the "jesux's finger is so long" photo) with material detailing and wicked fit. white, and yellow florette detailing on bustline. size small

- urban outfitters red "kitty tee" cartoon of two cats on the front. capsleeve tee shirt. bright red, size small. very cute fit.

- religion (R3LIG70N) red upside-down "5" tank top. very cute white detailing and ribbon tied shoulders. size small

- religion (R3LIG70N) navy blue one shoulder "italia" tank top. white number 9 in the middle. size medium

- custo VERY detailed tank top with turquoise band at waist. crystal detailing on pattern, VERY cool top. size large

-- flyby tank top (get outside, on queen) dusty blue tank top, with neon yellow ferrari detail on side torso, one size

-"aunkh" capsleeve ladies baseball tee with red pharoa detail on breast. navy blue and baby blue, size small

- yum pop "ladytron" cotton capsleeve top, size small

- BDG (urban outfitters) capsleeve satin/cotton gray tee shirt, size small

- xoxo white tanktop with silver rhinestone eagle detailing, size medium. very sexy.

- kitchen orange black and white acrobat top. (this thing is fucking weird. you can have it if you want it)

- jy stijls hooded cotton poplin tank top -- aka "the raver princess top". navy blue, and royal blue. size medium

probably more to come soon, guys!

i hope to have pics up no later than this weekend. but seeing them in person/trying this stuff on is probably best. each piece has it's own special charm!

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- black cotton sample NYC "ninja top".

- bright yellow diesel 3/4 length top, size small

- BDG (urban outfitters) capsleeve satin/cotton gray tee shirt, size small

these items have been sold! still plenty left, ladies... don't be shy!



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alright kids, anything not sold by the end of this weekend is going up for grabs on ebay. pics will be up on wednesday or thursday - just waiting for a digi cam!

don't be shy!