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FS: CDJ 1000mk1....Plus Special GIFT!!!


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Hi guys..

I have a CDJ for sale 1000mk1 with newest firmware the device works perfectly. the release/start stop break is missing its plastic knob. but the function still works. just the knob it self is exposed instead of the plastic cover. You can purchase the part from Pioneer for next to nothing.

As a bonus I'll throw in a (BRAND NEW IN BOX) Portable DVD player.

all of this delivered to you door in the toronto area
$950.00 (firm)

PM with Questions





I dont think the pics shows it right but its the raw knob that is exposed like if you removed the eq knobs on your DJ mixer (it still works perfectly)
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Gosh...I soooo want one of these.....or make that two of those......especially after playing on a pair this weekend......

Someone put me outta my misery...


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OK Guys I know I'm being a total PRICK....
BUT Im gonna have to pull the FREE DVD player cause it looks like the "WIFE" is re-gifting :S for somebody so I gotta keep it.

due to the response Im getting I'm gonna keep the price at 950 (Firm)
I hope you understand.....

MY deepest appologies

Bryan :)
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