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FS: Canon Elph2 IX 240 APS Camera


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I got an APS film camera that I barely use so I want to get rid of it. It's tiny so it's great for carrying around anywhere. Comes with Camera (of course), original box, leather case, strap, manual, warranty card (probably useless since I don't have the original receipt). I still have the original battery that it came with, but you'll probably have to get a new one. It shouldn't cost more than $5-7, but I'll throw in a new roll of Kodak Advantix 400 APS film so that should cover some of the cost.

Asking: $100

Now for some pics:

The package





Below are the specs:

Canon's ELPH2 continues the Canon tradition of pushing the technology envelope another step further. This ingenious camera actually does a lot of the thinking for you! As the smallest zoom lens-equipped, Advanced Photo System camera, Canon's ELPH2 gives you a choice of three unique print formats: panorama, wide-angle, and classical traditional sizes. Its precision 23-46mm 2x power zoom lens allows you to get as creative as you want to be in composing your shots. You know you want your photos to be as color-accurate and realistic as possible, and Canon's exclusive Hybrid Autofocus keeps all of your photos remarkably sharp.

Canon's state-of-the-art Print Quality Improvement (PQI) allows the ELPH2 to ingeniously communicate with your film, recording shooting data such as lighting, exposure and flash for the most accurate photo reproduction available on the market today. In other words, your photos will turn out exactly the way you intended them to! The ELPH2 is a paradox in camera technology, with big ideas all coming in a very small package!


The ELPH2 uses Advanced Photo System technology to give you three shooting modes—panorama, wide-angle and standard mode for optimum shooting flexibility. Now, you can get postcard-size index prints of your photos so you can see every shot in
The 23-46mm f/4.2-5.6 zoom lens features an all-glass design with two aspheric elements, so you can compose every shot you want, exactly the way you want to shoot them!
Canon's state-of-the-art Print Quality Improvement (PQI) allows the ELPH2 to ingeniously communicate with your film, recording shooting data such as lighting, exposure and flash for the most accurate photo reproduction available on the market today
A powerful Built-in Flash has five flash options for precise illumination under the most difficult shooting situations. Handy Flash Mode Memory helps you recall the last flash mode you used before "powering off." Fill-in Flash is esse
Additional "automatic functions" include Red-Eye Reduction, automatic advance to the first frame, and automatic rewinding after the last shot on the roll.Mid-Roll Change allows you to quickly and easily switch rolls that you have designated
Drop-in Loading provides foolproof loading of your film without need of leader tape that can often cause loading errors.



IX 240 AF fully automatic lens shutter camera with built-in zoom lens and magnetic IX functions.

Print Aspect Ratio:
16.7 x 30.2mm. Trimmed to H, C or P size when printed. H size: 15.6 x 27.4mm, C size: 15.6 x 22.3mm, P size: 9.6 x 27.4mm.

23-46mm f/4.2-5.6, 6 elements in 6 groups (with 2 aspherical glass lenses).

Real-image zoom finder covers approx. 86% of actual picture area. 0.33x magnification in WIDE; 0.66 x magnification in TELE.

Viewfinder Information:
Object lens frame, Close-up frame, AF frame, Standard size mask (C size), Panorama size mask (P size) inside viewfinder area. Red "OK-to-shoot" and orange "camera shake warning/flash ready" LED indicators outside viewfinder eyepiece.

Combination aperture and program electromagnetic drive shutter.

Passive and active autofocus using 1/RED skimming CCD sensor as a distance-measuring element.

AF Mode:
Single point measurement only.

Focusing Range:
1.5ft./0.45m to infinity, 108 focusing zones, at telephoto setting.


AE Control:
Program AE; AE lock upon AF completion; 2 zone measurement with SPC light sensing elements.

Metering Range:
(at ISO 100) Flash On/Flash Auto: WIDE- EV10.1-EV18 (1/60 sec at f/4.2 to 1/800 sec at f/18); TELE- EV11.5-EV20 (1/90 sec at f/5.6 to 1/900 sec at f/34);

Flash Off/Slow Sync:
WIDE- EV3.1-EV18 (2 sec at f/5.6 to 1/900 sec at f/34).


Film Speed Setting:
ISO 20-10,000 automatically set in 1/3-step increments by reading data disk.

Cartridge Film Loading/Advance/Rewind:
Manual drop-in loading. Fully automatic advance and Rewind. Mid-Roll Change possible.

Mid-Roll Change:
A partially-exposed roll of APS film can be rewound by pressing the "MRC" button, removed and replaced with another roll. The partially-exposed roll can later be put back into the ELPH2, and will automatically wind to the first unexposed frame.

Date, Print Aspect Ratio, Cartridge loading direction, Strobe On/Off, Subject brightness, Title, Magnification, Artificial Lighting, Flash Exposure, Lighting conditions (front/back) and print quantity are recorded on film using a single-track, write-on m


Built-in strobe flash unit operates automatically in dim or backlit conditions.

Exposure Control:
Determined by film speed and AF distance.

Red-Eye Reduction Mode:
Activated via Auto flash button. Flash Recycling Time: Approximately 6 sec. (with flash battery).

Flash Coupling Range (ISO 200)
WIDE: 1.5ft-13.8ft; TELE: 1.5ft-10.2ft.


Electronically controlled with 10 seconds delay.

Optional Remote Controller (RC-5):
Infrared, 2 seconds delay shutter release. Transmits up to 16.4ft/5.3m when directly in front, up to 11.5ft/3.5m at periphery.

Date Imprint:
Recorded magnetically, and can be printed on either the front and back or only the back of print. Automatic up to 2029. Powered by camera battery.

Custom Functions:
3 available. (CF-1) Real-time shutter release (0, off, 1: on), (CF-2) Flash mode preserved when camera turned off (0: only auto modes preserved, 1: any flash mode preserved), (CF-3) Auto Film Rewind (0: film rewinds automatically at end of roll, 1: user


One lithium battery CR-2 (3V).


3.4"(W) x 2.2"(H) x 0.9"(D)/87(W) x 57(H) x 24.5(D) mm.

Approx. 6.0oz./170g without battery. 6.4oz/181g with battery.
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just wanted to say that i have this same camera and it's great

nice and light

i can take it out with me since it's small enough that it fits in most purses
take okay club pictures - i'm sure if i read the manual they'd be awesome pics, instead of just good pics :D

i love this camera!

now i want to take pictures :)