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FS: Brand New 5GB Creative Zen Micro and Sony Hi-Fi for sales!!


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I have a Brand New 5GB (2500songs) Creative Zen Micro for sales.
It is in box and never been used before.
The box comes with everything including the MP3 player, headphones, software, charger, battery, cradle, beltclip, carrying bag, USB cable and manual. The color is green.

I checked Futureshop online, and it’s selling at 249.99 CAD plus tax.
I am asking for $160 CAD o.b.o, so basically you save more than $100.

Here are the pictures, please check:

I also have a Sony mini Hi-Fi systems selling at $50.
Here's the pic:

If you take both items together, I’ll take $10 off to make it $200.

I am leaving Toronto in 1 week, so don’t hesitate.

My email is zatoichi123456@hotmail.com

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Both the Zen and Mini Hi-Fi are sold. Thanks for the ones who asked.
Godd luck in finding these good deals.

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