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FS: BRAND NEW 3/16" Harmony™ Professional Yoga Mat


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Brand new premium yoga mat, never used. These retail for anywhere from $65-85 in the city. Asking $60. Must be picked up at our apartment.

PM me if you are interested.

More info / stories about the mat from Jade Yoga's website below.


3/16" Harmony™ Professional Yoga Mat by Jade Yoga

The natural choice is the Harmony™ mat from Jade.

Harmony™ brings together natural rubber from the Far East, one of the earth's most amazing natural resources, and Western technology to form a mat that is perfect for your yoga practice.

Harmony™ is available in Royal Blue, Purple, Orchid, Black, Sedona Red, Tibetan Orange, Slate Blue, Midnight Blue and Olive Green (we have all colours, e-mail us for availability).

Harmony™ Holds
As Harmony™ is made with open cell, natural rubber, you can say goodbye to slipping on your practice mat - even if it gets wet with perspiration. Natural rubber has long been used where safety demands non-slip performance. Harmony takes advantage of the non-slip properties of natural rubber - resulting in the best slip-resistance on the market.

Try it - we're sure you'll agree.

Harmony™ Performs
In addition to providing better slip-resistance, because it is made of natural rubber, Harmony has exceptional resilience, unmatched "compression set" resistance and incomparable cushioning. These characteristics guarantee you the ideal mat for those looking for maximum comfort and performance.

At 3/16" thick, Harmony™ provides a real amount of cushion between you and the floor that is perfect for you.

Harmony™ can be hand washed with mild soap and warm water; hang or lay flat to dry.

Harmony™ is Green
Harmony™ is constructed of natural rubber, a renewable resource tapped from rubber trees - containing no PVC or ozone depleting substances - perfect for the yogi concerned about the environment.

from the Yoga Journal

Mat Matters
Your yoga mat could be polluting the earth. Be kinder to the environment by switching to PVC-free.
By Cynthia Morris

The last thing you want to do when you step on your yoga mat is harm the world. But that's what many of us do unwittingly each time we roll out conventional yoga mats, many of which contain polyvinyl chloride, or PVC.

Like many chemicals, PVC leaves a heavy footprint on the environment. The manufacturing of PVC products releases harmful dioxins into the air and water, and additional dioxins may leech into the soil when the discarded products end up in landfills. Then there are phthalates, used to soften PVCs. Phthalates are added to mats to make them spongy and flexible. These chemicals can wreak havoc on hormones, affecting the count and quality of sperm and increasing the incidence of testicular cancer and genital abnormalities in men and breast cancer in women, according to a study by Greenpeace.

Despite these health hazards, there are no government regulations barring or monitoring the use of PVC. Europeans are way ahead of Americans on that: 62 Spanish cities are PVC-free, toys made with the substance are banned in several European countries, and medical products containing PVC are off-limits in some hospitals as well.

Fortunately, things are starting to change here too, and there are now several alternative sticky mats on the market. Jade Yoga has created two varieties of non-PVC mats, both made of natural rubber. Health & Yoga makes a grass mat with latex backing. Scotland-based EcoYoga, which manufactures their mats in the U.K. to avoid employing child labor, makes mats out of natural rubber and jute—you can even compost them when they become too old to use.

Once you're ready to make the switch, think of ways to reuse your old mat instead of sending it to a landfill. Place it under a rug to prevent slipping or put it out front as a doormat—get creative!
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Harmony™ may cause heart palpitations
Do not taunt Harmony™
Do not use Harmony™ after midnight
Harmony™ is not compatible with Lulu Lemon™ products...


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Harmony reminds me of Seinfeld episode where the guy Elaine dates from the gym only talks about himself in the third person... I can't remember his name though!


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lucky1 said:
Harmony reminds me of Seinfeld episode where the guy Elaine dates from the gym only talks about himself in the third person... I can't remember his name though!

you mean the dude from the gym?

you guys are hilarious... i'll e-mail Harmony and ask Harmony to change the Harmony site, OK?
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lucky1 said:
Harmony reminds me of Seinfeld episode where the guy Elaine dates from the gym only talks about himself in the third person... I can't remember his name though!


Jimmy likes you a lot!

jocelyn dee

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just wanted to throw in my $0.02

I have the blue Harmony mat and it is great. It is the only mat that I have ever used where my hands do not slide around while doing downward dog and other poses.

Also, it is nice to know that I am not inhaling toxic fumes while I am doing yoga to supposodly help my body detox (which is not the same for some of the cheper mats out there).

Also this is not a bad price.