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FS: Boss DR-202 Dr Groove Drum Machine

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by mattt416, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. mattt416

    mattt416 TRIBE Member


    I have a Boss DR-202 Dr Groove Drum Machine for sale. The machine is in great condition and includes AC adapter and manual. I'm asking $150, but best offer always applies!



    Product Description:

    The DR-202 Dr. Groove takes Boss's popular programmable drum machine concept into the Groove Zone. This block-rockin' beat machine features 256 drum and bass sounds exclusively developed for groove music production from Hip-Hop to Jungle, Drum 'n' Bass, Trip Hop, House, Latin, and more.


    24-voice polyphony, 256 drum and bass sounds, 128 Preset drum kits, 400 Preset patterns, 64 User drum kits, 100 User patterns.

    Onboard sounds include classic TR-808, TR-909, and TB-303 sounds, vinyl sounds, Lo-Fi drum samples, various synth basses, sound effects, and more.

    Authentic groove music patterns can be used "as is" or broken down and incorporated into User patterns.

    User-friendly design incorporates intuitive 3-track sequencer: rhythm track, bass track, external source track for sampler, or other MIDI device.

    Rhythm Mute function allows easy break-downs and drop-outs of any instrument.

    Reverb/Delay and Flanger knobs for real-time effects control.

    Cutoff, Resonance, and Decay knobs allow for instant tweaking of individual instrument sounds.

    Tap Tempo control for realtime BPM adjustment; built-in Low Boost/Low Cut control.

    Roll button allows users to select from 68 different drum roll types -- very helpful for Drum 'n' Bass programming.

    Control changes can be output via MIDI; can also be used as 24-voice MIDI sound module.


    If interested, please PM me or message me at lotuslnd@hotmail.com.

  2. flipflop

    flipflop New Member

    Messege sent to your hotmail acct.


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