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FS: Apple Powerbook G3


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For Sale - Apple Macintosh G3 Powerbook (aka 'Lombard'.) Specs are below, includes a carrying case, firewire PC card, some software on disc, and AC adapter. Battery is dead but can be easily replaced; just keep it plugged in and you'll be fine. Other then that it works great and is in excellent condition, screen is mint with no dead pixels. Asking $350 or best offer. PM or email me (beatz2 @ hotmail) for more info or to make an offer.

G3 Powerbook
333mhz PowerPC 750 processor
320 mb ram (upgraded from 64mb)
512kb cache
4 gb hard drive
8mb ATI Rage LT Pro video
24x CD-Rom drive
14.1" screen
2xUSB ports
1xPC Card slot
10/100 Ethernet
56k Modem
PowerBook SCSI connector
S-Video/VGA output
Installed: OSX, Microsoft Office X, Macromedia Fireworks, Firefox, iTunes, iPhoto, etc.



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Unbelievably this is still available (was holding out for a buyer who never showed). Price lowered to $275 or best offer... also includes a boxed copy of OS/X and a swappable Zip drive. PM or email if interested.