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FS: Alot of Hard Techno/Techno Records


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Hey guys,

I am selling ALOT of old/newer hard techno records. I would give you a list but it would be too long to place here.

My style is basically Hard Techno with a blend of Techno.

I have a few crates that I am going to get rid of and would like to do so in a big lot.

If anyone is serious and would like to come over 1 day to have a look see, please send me a pm.

Lets say I would be willing to do like 100 for say 500 bucks or so, maybe less. pm me and we can talk.

In addition I have a lot of Hardsignal Records BRAND NEW, they will go for 10 bucks each. I have copies of HSR 3/4 and 5 still so please let me know.

If anyone has any questions concerning my records please send me a pm.

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Re: Re: FS: Alot of Hard Techno/Techno Records

Originally posted by db
I might be interested if I didn't think you were going to cut me up into little bits and put me in your freezer...