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FS: Allen & Heath Xone:92 Rotary Silver Version


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Allen & Heath Xone:92 Rotary Silver Version
$1500 obo

-Original packaging w/mounting plates and extra knobs
-Glorious DJ cover
-Absolute mint condition like new, barely used
-Non smoking environment
-Never used outside
-Less than a 100 hours used
-Pictures available

Sorry don't know how to post if someone can tell me will gladly upload

-6 dual stereo channels - 4 phono/line, 2 mono/mic or stereo return
-2 independent stereo mix outputs
-2 aux sends for output to external FX units
-VCF system - 2 independent stereo filters with frequency and resonance controls
-2 independent LFO’s for filter manipulation
-4-band EQ - total kill on HF and LF, wide Q for cut, narrow Q for boost
-Booth output - dedicated output on TRS jack
-MIDI values can be output from 6 controls (e.g. crossfader, LFO)
-P&G easy change professional VCA crossfader
-Illuminated lightpipes showing status of performance controls
-Intelligent cue for pre or post EQ monitoring
-Monitor section includes post EQ switch, split cue and mix to cue balance
-2 headphone outputs (1/4” and 3.5mm)
-Ducking control on mono/mic channel
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DJ Chris Ryan

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wow, i loved this mixer when i had mine...sold it for $900 3 years ago...would pick this up again if buyer was willing to let go for that ? but i doubt it :)