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FS - Adjustable desk chair ($40)


TRIBE Member

I've upgraded my desk chair and no longer need this one.

- adjustable height
- adjustable armrests
- adjustable backrest
- castors
- blue


tommysmalls (AT) hotmail (DOT) com


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i would buy this right now...but I have no way to get it up to Maple...grrrr..the hydraulic in my chair went like 2 days ago..


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crazy I have the exact same chair .... and am sitting on it at this very moment... my chair arm is split though... so that kinda sucks


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the aeron (which i posted) is older than the mirra (madnezz)....the mirra is less adjustable and has an uncomfortable plastic backrest - but based on the 2 photos above, i can see how the mirra looks more badass