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FS: Acid Techno records - $5/each or $100 for the lot

Subsonic Chronic

TRIBE Member
This is the first lot of records that I'm gonna be selling with more to come in the next couple of months. I decided to try and sell the records by genre, here's the list of acid techno that I'm looking to sell. In the coming weeks I'm gonna have HUGE volumes of Trance and NRG/UK Hard House and a bit of psy for sale as well.

Label / Artist - Track name

1. Bionic Orange / D.A.V.E. The Drummer & Ben Belafonic - Barndance, Warehouse Rock
2. Bionic Orange / Rowland & Simon - The Spinebender, I Can't Stop, Oscillator 2 - (Live mix)
3. Bionic Orange / Rowland the Bastard - Audio Orgy, Jupiter Stroll
4. Bionic Orange / Tarball & Lungbutter - Sonic Eruptor, Midsweep Monofest
5. Choci's Chewns / Solar Quest - Into The Machine remixes, Baby Doc rmx, Choci + The Geezer rmx
6. Ef.adrine / DJ Injector - The Possession - Exorcist rmx, The Demon mix
7. Ef.adrine / DJ Mishka - Going Back in Time - Mad Gay Mafia mix, Sleepy Bastards mix
8. Ef.adrine / Dj Mishka - Mad Gay Mafia Tribute EP - Bluey & Mishka mix, 5,6,7,8 mecca 2000 mix
9. Ef.adrine promo / Injector - Funky Control 2000
10. NOOM Records / Commander Tom - Are Am Eye? - Commander Tom '99 rmx, Silent Breed rmx, Brainstorm cut
11. NOOM Records / Cores - Iowa, Schattenfeuer
12. Paradigm Shift / Rowland The Bastard - International Gonad, You Lose
13. Prolekult / Logique - Vuture Shoque - orig. mix, Laid Back Luke mix
14. Prolekult / Sharam & Youssef - 2 of us, Into The Groove
15. Prolekult / Spinning Atoms 3 - The Enhanced Velocity EP (2 x 12") - Bubble Memory, Your Flexible Friend, Bubble Memory - the Creeper rmx, Summer School
16. Random / Mixes of Gary Numan - Dave Angel - Warriors, Liberator DJ's - Are 'Friends' Electric?, Steve Stoll - Remember I was Vapour
17. Routemaster Records / Goldfinger vs. Lochi - 8.5%, Free Sticky Mechanisms
18. Smitten / Balloonheads - Jaw 2, The Floor, Balloonism
19. Smitten / Chris Liberator & The Geezer - Our Shit Is Out There, Bad Day At Black Frog Creek
20. Smitten / Punk Floyd - Floyd As Fuck For The Y2K, Opus PF
21. Stay Up Forever / Carbine - It's Funky, But It Ain't House, Stapled To Bits
22. Stay Up Forever / Crash 'n' Burn - Santa Pod, Brands Hatch
23. Stay Up Forever / The Imposters - Dirty Dancing, Flux Capacitor
24. Synewave New York / Equinox - Pulzar - 1991 Jeff Mills rmx pt. 2, Into Battle (Damon Wild)
25. Voltage Controlled Frequencies / Choci, Geezer, Paola & Tickle - Sulphuric Moose, Arkansas Roland mix, Quicksand mix, Mayhem 99
26. X Trax / Dj Misjah & Groovehead - Acid Energy, X-Pact, Delirious

All tracks are $5 each except for # 1 & #15 which are $10.

$100 for the whole lot - which comes out to less than $4 per record! I'd much prefer to get rid of all of these at once, so if you're interested in one or two, please keep in mind that I'll be waiting to see if I can unload the whole lot before doing individual sales.

I'd prefer if you can pick them up, I live at Bathurst & St-Clair (a few minutes from St-Clair West subway station), but I'm not ruling out delivery in the area depending on the circumstances. I'm *not* willing to ship them.

PM me or email: elkerbout(at)hotmail(dot)com
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Subsonic Chronic

TRIBE Member
*records are sold.* thanks for the interest.

hard house, nrg and trance will be coming up in the next few weeks once I'm done cataloguing everything.