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FS: 80 Disco House Records


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Angel Alanis - Construct Fidelity vol 2 [ ITH]
? - Two Fatt Guitars [ white]
CZR & ITO - Bringing the Funk & Feel the Presure [ Subliminal] 2X12"
Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch [Roule]
Dj Sneak - Platforms vol 2 [83 West]
Chris Harris - Harris Grooves 4 [ Tronicsole]
Armand Van Helden - ? 2X12" includes "you don't know me"
East Coast Boogiemen - Marrying Janie [Moonshine]
French Funk Specialist - All Around the World [Strictly Rhythm]
Rubber Souls - Transformation Ep [Moody Recordings]
Jesse Saunders - Body Music Remixes EP [House Attics]
Minimal Funk - Definition of House [Junior Lodnon]
CZR & Alex Peace - This is House Music [ Faded Muzik]
Speaker Phreaker - Products of Our Environments [Catalyst]
Morpheus - Assassin [Loaded Records]
Robbie Rivera - Unreleased Mixes [Filtered (112)]
Joey Mazzolla - The Way We Rock [Solmatic]
Joey Beltram - Selected Dub Plates [Bush]
Kool Rock Steady & To Kool Chris - Return of the Bass [Renegade]
Green Velvet - Preacher Man [Music Man]
Conga Squad - The Way/ A gig in Cannes [ STX] 2X12"
Olav Basoski - Samplitude 11 [ Superstar]
Harry Choo Choo Romero - Night @ The Black [ Bambosa]
Konk West - Portabello's Swing [Four01 Recordings]
Rick Garcia - The Grind Remixes [ Underground Construction]
Antoine Clamaran - Univers Ep pt1 [Royal Flush]
Hipp-E & Tony - Interactive Night E.P [ Tango]
Kevin Irving - House Ain't Giving Up Remixes [ ITH] Hatiras & Angel Alanis Remixes
Pair of Jacks - That Party Track EP
Olav Basoski - Samplitute 10
Angel Alanis - Master Plan Ep [Catalyst]
Robbie Rivera - Rough Ride Ep [ITH]
Recyclopedia Electronic - Vol 4 :Exercise [Reloop] Umek & Valentino Kanzyani
Hatiras - Liquid Andrenalin Session 3 [ ITH] Incl. Spaced Invader
Antoine Clamaran - Release Yourself remixes [ Ambassade? Records]
Pair of Jacks - Black Jack Ep [Solmatic]
The Funk Box - We Won't Stop , Cause we Can't Stop [ Underground Construction]
Ruff Da' Menace - Do I feel Lucky [Strictly Underground]
? - The Search [Sm:)e Records] 10" including Armand Van Helden rmx
ATFC - Barry Bootleg ? [ White]
Stefra - Dawn ? [ White]
Funk Junkeez - Got Funk Ep [Evocative Archives]
The Funk Bandit - Crazy Love [Gossip Records]
Disko kidz - anthems vol 1 [ Soul Phusion]
Future Funk - Switch Lock Ep [Plastic City]
Robbie Rivera - I Can't Take It [Very Disco Records]
The FloorFillerz - - More Saturated Tracks Ep [Catalyst]
Vitamin D - & Dj Nique - Overpass [ Terraform]
da techno bohemian - pump da bass remixes [club tools] 1997
asquared (angel alanis) - blasted/ maniak [turtle trax]
salt city orchestra - the book ep [paper recordings]
The Speaker Pheakers - La nina \ nickel bag da funk [sm:)e recordings]
Dj Sneak & Armand Van Helden - Psychic Bounty Killaz [ Hyper Hype]
Angel Alanis pres. Dirty House Men - Hardcore/Filterhaze [ Underground Construction]
17th street - street player/ hula groove [white] groove is in the heart
24th Street - Gotta be big /is it true [ White]
kid kreme/ junior jack - shakedown/thrill me [ white]
Joey Beltram - Infinite Wisdom EP [STX]
Jon Pegnato - Funky People EP [Ammo]
Smitty & Eric Davenport - Stoned Ep [in tha mix]
Black Legend - You See the Trouble with me [ Rise]
CZR - Release ( joey beltram remix) [ STX]
Dj Dan - In Stereo 2X12" [ Kinetic]
Missy Elliot - Gossip Folks [Elektra] Including Fatboy Slim Remix
Rick Garcia - Natural Phreek
DaEastSideRiders - Back Again Ep [Jinxx]
Discool vol2 - Wannabe [ White]
Antoine Clamaran - Lets get Together Remixes [Python] ft Richard Grey Remix
Squeezer - Discodancer/Take you [ North Club]
Verse and Traxx - disco pump/funky filtre [Fine Tune]
dj sandy vs sinesweeper - touch me [ kosmo]
jordan fields - the lowdown double dealin' ep [doubledown]
Bryan Cox - Never Stop [Prototype Platinum]
Bryan Cox - music is movin' [System Recordings]
Angel Alanis - Bitches & Drum Machines (incl Joey Beltram Rmx) [InStereo]
Black & white brothers- put your hands up [club tools]
Antoine Clamaran pres Sensation - Dance2/Discover [Filtered Records]
Tyrrell - Alright, Alright [F 3 Recordings]
Joey Beltram - Darkness Falls
+ few whitelabels

$70 for the lot. Individual titles are $3 each (minimum of 10). technics1200

PM or (416) seven two one - one zero three seven