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FS: 65+ House/Techno Records


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technics1200 The List: technics1200

Cybersonik / States Of Mind – Technarchy [Plus 8] classic techno
Various – From Our Minds To Yours Vol. 1 [Plus 8] classic techno
Johnny Vicious - Activator [ Vicious Muzik] classic house
Various – D.J.'s Don't Play - Mega Mixx Vol.1 [White] [Discogs]
Timo Maas - Music for Maases [Hope] 3 X 12" Tech-house/Techno
Roman Flugel - GEHT's NOCH ? [Cocoon] Minimal
Dj Misjah & Dj Tim - Access [Tripoli Trax] Acid/ Hard Trance
Johua Collings - Bring it Down EP [ Frin:n:Frak] Tech house
The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. - ITs gonna be a lovely day [Arista] Classic House
Chaka Khan- I'm Every Woman [Warner Bros] late 80s classic house remixes
Crystal Waters - What i Need [Mercury] Morales & Basement Boys Remixes classic house
Rhythm Section ft: Bobby Harding - Feeling happy [Dig IT] Deep House/Classic House
Janet - That's The Way Love Goes (REmixes) [Virgin] Classic House
Heller & Farley Project - Ultra Flava [UMD] Rhythm Masters Remixes - Classic House
David Morales pres. The Face - Needin' U [Definity] Classic House
Simon Harris - Bass (How Low Can you Go] [FFRR] classic house
Freestyle Orchestra – I Don't Understand This / Twi-Lite [MAW] Deep House
Various - Jager Bomb EP [Peaches] bootlegs Deep House
Various Artists - Italian Style Pt2 [Illegal Beats] Deep House
H-Foundation - Da Sounds of Nova Ep [Moody Recordings] Deep House
Troydon - Growing Pains EP [Drop Music] Deep House
Yonkapin – # 1 [Dust Traxx] Deep House
Chili Hi Fly - Is It Love [Tinted Records] Deep House
Halo & Hipp-e – The H-Foundation [ Moody] Deep House
Johnny Fiasco – Crazy Love [RI'QUE Music] Deep House
X-Press 2 - Lazy (Remixes) [Skint74x] Norman Cook and Peace Division remixes
X-Press 2 – Tranz Euro Xpress [Junior Boys Own] House
David Alvarado – Blue - Deep House Science [Ultra Traxx] Deep House
Joshua - Sound Check EP [Doubledown] deep house
Smokin Beats - Nothing Stays the Same [ Smoking Beats] Deep House
Trisco – Musak [Positiva] House
Keneth Star - Music & Lights EP [ Milk & Sugar Recordings] House
Constipated Monkeys - CRO-Magnon/Erectus [Subliminal] House
Alan Braxe - Vertigo [Roule] including Thomas Bangalter Edit House
Elektric Suedehead - Wiredpitch/the dub is wired [mighty Atom] House
Fused - This Party Sucks [Sony] House
Hellpass – Orbital Crime [White] Bootleg of Orbital - Chime -House
Wyndell Long - Chicago MF E.P. [Pro-Jex] House
Ruffy & Tuffy - Mr. Badass Walkin' & Sookie Nah [Green Gorilla Lounge] Nu-Disco/ Deep House
Les Jardiniers - Deluxe E.P. [Haute Couture] Nu-Disco/ Deep House
Chicken Lips – Sweet Cow (Remixes) [Kingsize] Nu-Disco/ Deep House
CZR - On That Vibe [IHR] Deep House/ Filtered
Olav Basoski - Can't Hold Me Back [Popular] Filted House
James Harcourt - Scalar/Casualty [Release Records] Progressive House
Freeloader - Freekwency / Minimal Groove (Binary Records, BIN003)
Groovers - Mama [3 Beat] Progressive House
Paul Walker - Flaky Bastard [2Wars] Techno
Katcha - Touched by God 2005 [Release] D.Ramirez + Peace Division remixes Electro House/House
MArk Martini ft Hollow Promise - Highway One [TAO] Progressive house
Andrew K & Simuck - Clouds Go By [Pure Substance Records] Progressive house
Delikate Imposters - Burlesque / Sleepless City [ Aurium] Progressive House
Slynus - Bassline / Moonsun [ Vinyl Addiction] tech-house
JOFF Roach - Analisis [Tri Lamb] Techno
Riley Reinhold & Steve Barnes - Another Day [MBF] Minimal/Tech-House
Monodub - Monkey Business Ep [Trapez] Minimal/ Techno
Funk D' Void & PErcy X presents X-Funk - Voyager Ep [Soma] Techno
Massimo Vivona - Vision Shifter [Headzone] Techno
AWeX - It's Our Future 2001 [Phuture Wax] including thomas schuhmacher remix - 10" Techno
Various - Prolekulture (Prolekult, KULT LP 1) Classic Techno
LFO - What is House EP [WArp] Classic Techno
Authors of Steetology - Don't Panic EP [Sponge] Breaks/ Deep House
ABC - How to be a Millionaire [Mercury] 80s
UNKLE With Kool G Rap – Guns Blazing [White] Dj Shadow Classic
Camille – Do Ya Own Thing [Epic]
JNX - What U Need/ My Style[ F 111]

technics1200 $160 for the whole deal. Delivery in Toronto Included. technics1200

technics1200 Individual Titles $5 Each 12"/ 10 minimum. technics1200

PM or (416) 721- one zero three seven