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FS: 512mb PC2700 333mhz Kingston Ram


TRIBE Member
For Sale - one stick of Kingston 512MB PC2700 DDR 333Mhz memory. Mint condition, used for about 2 months before I built my current system, been sitting in a drawer for the last 6 months. Asking $40 or best offer. PM or email me (beatz2 @ hotmail) if interested.



TRIBE Member
i dunno what kind of memory i have in my puter...2 sticks of 256 is all i know...
i have a p4 3.06.
how do i find out if this memory being sold, is compatable with my board ?

DJ Chris Ryan

TRIBE Member
hmm...i'm interested in this too...i do know my ddr ram runs at 333...but not sure what the 2700 number means...will ask a friend and come back to see if ts still available:)
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