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FS: 4inX4out Echo Audio Mia 24/96 Audio Card (PCI)


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I no longer have a use for this. Please note that this is NOT the Echo Mia MIDI and has no MIDI capabilities. This card would be ideal for someone who wants to record DJ sets at high quality or who is just getting into basic music production.

- 24-bit/96khz recording capabilities
- PCI bus master card
- 2 Balanced/Unbalanced (switchable) 1/4" TRS Inputs
- 2 Balanced/Unbalanced (switchable) 1/4" TRS Outputs
- Eight "virtual" outputs mixed down within DSP (essentially means you can run multiple audio programs (Reason, Itunes, Cubase) simultaneously and have them play out the card).

PC and Mac compatible.

In perfect working order. Comes with original box and packaging.

For full fledged specs, please see:

Price: $100
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technical correction:

the analog inputs are +4/-10 switchable. they accept balanced 1/4" trs connections regardless of the input level.

The Electrician

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This is a great card... I have one myself and have loved (and still love) every time Im use it...

amazing for beginner/intermediate producing...