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FS: 4 x Goodyear Eagle NCT-5 tires


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(Someone else's post reminded me to post this, hehe)

These tires are 205/50/R17 and for all intents and purposes, are a performance all-season tire. Basically, if you are looking for a 17 inch (diameter) tire, and have a 7 or 7.5 inch rim (width), then they may be of interest to you.

I know for a fact that they will fit the BMW 330ci wheels, as well as Nissan SE-R V-spec wheels. If you need to know if they will fit something else, ask me and I can check.

I have had these tires in storage for a while with no use for them whatsoever. Total mileage on each: 2,000 km. So they have 95% of their treadwear still left.

I had them on one of my cars for a few months, then they were replaced with different rims/tires, so I had no need for them and just moved them into storage.

As far as price goes, I know that they retailed for $325/tire ($1300 total - with taxes) a few years ago when I got them and looked into what they were worth. They are probably a bit cheaper these days, and since they are slightly used, I am asking for $150/tire ($600 total).

Anyways, PM me for more information if you think you might be interested or want to make me an offer.

PS: Yes, I know you can get them cheap at stores in the US, however keep in mind that the cost of shipping tires up to Canada is several hundred dollars and negates the savings.

Cheers ... Ian :)
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