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FS: 4 automatic + mechanical watches


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Cleaning out the closet so to speak and have a few watches I never wear any more so I'm putting them up for sale.

Everything is located in Barrie. Prices don't include shipping, but It won't add much. I'm also in Toronto from time to time so could arrange to meet up if convenient.

Debaufre Nav-B Pilot
AKA Steinhart Nav-B

Beautiful watch, Swiss 6497 hand wind movement with exhibition case back. The watch is 47mm and it shows -- it wears large. The strap is very thick -- a nice touch. Comes with original box and certificate. Its in good shape. Could use a nice cleaning, polishing.. Will buff right up.

$300 -- a great watch for the price.




UHR 411 Diver

This is an interesting watch. It was made by a small german company but uses a swiss 2824 movement which is nice to have in such an inexpensive watch. It's large (44m). It's in good shape. Comes with the original "box". It's a unique piece.



Bernhardt Sea Shark

Classic looking watch, 42mm (so not too big), sapphire crystal, Miyota 8215 movement. Stainless bracelet. Comes with wood box.



Seiko Dive Watch (Project watch)

This was a watch I bought to play with primarily. I sourced the watch locally and then ordered a few replacement dials, hands and even a sapphire crystal for it. Not pictured, but comes with the original seiko bracelet and box. Obviously, has a Japanese automatic movement.



Custom Ebony Watch Box

This is a beautiful box, purchased via a guy on the Panerai forums in Germany. It 's beautifully made and holds 12 watches. I've outgrown it so its up for sale.

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