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FS: 250+ Records [Prog/Tribal/House/Trance]


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I've put together about 270 records that I want to sell. It's come to the point where they just take up too much space, and with the digital era upon us, I can easily replace them at a fraction of the cost. I try my best to keep a realtime inventory, so anything with a strikethrough on the list has already been spoken for.

I'm in Ottawa, but will definitely send some to Toronto if anyone on here is interested. I'm not listing any individual prices. I'm basically just pricing them based on quantity. Buy more, save more :)

The majority of them are prog/tribal, but there's a smattering of funky house & trance.

Drop me a private message on here, or e-mail me if you're interested:

info AT frasermanning DOT com
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05. A sale thread's initial post must state a firm asking price. Of course you can haggle, but an initial price must be stated. A post simply asking for offers or conducting a PM auction is not allowed. A price must be stated in initial post.
I thought we all knew the rules around here... ;)


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Sorry, didn't see that. I've never listed in the b/s forums here...forgive me ;)

if that's the case though, then I'll set the fixed price at $5/each




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I found a box of records that I missed. I've added the following to the list:

Danny Tenaglia pres. Kult of Krameria - Esperanca [Twisted]
DJ Tiesto - 643 (Love's On Fire) [Nettwerk]
Kosheen - Hungry (incl Satoshi Tomiie / Tiesto / Decoder & Substance) [BMG]
Kris B - Last Minute Flight [Teknology]
Lexicon Avenue - From Dusk Till Dawn (incl Sander K & Weekend World Rmxs) [Forensic]
Lil' Devious - Come Home (incl Dave Clarke & Agent Sumo Rmxs) [Popular]
Little Green men - These Are the Beats [Forensic]
Locodice - Phat Dope Shit (Saeed) / City Nights (Martin Buterich) [Four:Twenty]
Luke Fair - Kritikal / Let You Know [Bedrock Black]
M Factor - Mother [Serious]
Menace - Reap What You Sow [Plastica]
Mendo - Tell Me (incl Wally Lopez & Dr Kucho Mix) [Audio Recordings ]
Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On (Supershumbo Remix) [Code Blue]
Moogroove - Deuce (incl Mara Rmx) [SAW]
Mooncat feat Mary - Strong (Superchumbo Rmxs) [Low Pressings]
Swain, Snell & Lucas pres. Mansa - Heart & Soul [Plastic Fantastic]
Tantamanna - Diverted Minds EP [Baroque]
Van M & Leeds - More [Bedrock]
Vibe Merchants - Feel Alright [Plastica Red]
Warrior - Warrior [Popular]
Xzique - Outside Looking In [Baroque]
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