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FS: 2 x Technics 1200 MK2 & DJM 500


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2 x Black Technics 1200 MK2 for Sale
- Used for 2.5 yrs +
- Excellent Condition ( No Scratches or whatsoever: One of turntable's pop-up light not working. )
- Used only at home.
- Comes with clear plastic protective cover over the turntables. No hinges.
- No carts.

Asking $750 for the pair.

Pioneer DJM 500
- Used for 1.5 yrs +
- At home use only.
- Good condition.
- One of the bass knobs experiencing minor sound bleed.
- Minor wear on the two of fader panels. Doesn't affect sound.
- Everything else, like new.

Asking $750

Pick up only.
Location: Downtown, Toronto.
Contact: aaron_k@hotmail.com

Need to sell by 11th Jan 2004. Leaving country.
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I don't think Aaron is responding... maybe he's left the country already... cause I was interested too :confused: