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FS: 2 x TC Electronic PowerCores (PCI DSP FX Cards)


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I have 2 of these bad boys that have done me good service over the years, but now have to move to the FireWire version due to my travel and writing requirements.

Both PowerCores are PCI cards requiring full length PCI slots (2.2 spec and/or 3.3V) and a VST or AU compatible host software - either Mac or PC (So Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer, SoundForge, Peak, etc.)

#1 is a PowerCore Element that also has the Master X5 plug-in installed to give you awesome finalizing/mastering tools. The other plug-ins included are:

- Tubifex (guitar amp modeler)
- EQ Sat Custom (5 band EQ + SoftSat)
- Classic Verb (3 modulation and 15 room types)
- Mega Reverb (M5000 model, 6 rooms, 3 bands)
- Chorus Delay (1210 Spatial Expander model + Chorus/Flanging/Delay)
- 01 Synth (SH 101 Model softsynth)
- Voice Strip (Tube Compression, DeEssing, Voice EQ, Gate, Low Cut EQ, and SoftSat)
- Vintage Compression/Limiter (up to 28 instances can run on one PowerCore)
- 24/7-C (Compressor emulator)

#2 is a PowerCore MK II that has all the above minus the Master X5 mastering tools but includes 5 more plug-ins (one of which is Master X3 - so 3-band Mastering vs. 5-band):

- Character (add instant oomph)
- DeNoise (Restoration tool)
- Dynamic EQ (Dynamically applied EQ)
- Filtroid (dual filter bank)
- MasterX3 (3-band mastering tools)

for more info:




PowerCore Element + Master X5 - $450 OBO(Card was $550ish new, Plug-in is $200 + tax new at Saved By Technology)

PowerCore MKII - $650 OBO(Lists for $779 + Tax new at Saved By Technology)

I would be able to transfer all licensing to the new owners and have all the boxes, discs, etc. Currently, not interested in any trades as I'm moving houses. I'm in Hamilton/London but can arrange for shipping.

NOTE: If you purchase before end of the year, TC Electronic is offering an upgrade path to their PCIe version as the Element and MKII are not made anymore IIRC.