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FS: 2 Turntables, Mixer and Headphones


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Posting for a friend, contact him VIA his email, dont PM or email me!!!


2 TT-1550 turntables with pitch adjustment, anti-skate control, strobe indicator,

1 DM-950 2-channel mixer with microphone input, 2-band EQ, gain controls and crossfader

1 pair slipmats and 1 pair turntable cartridges
upgraded 1 Stanton cartridge

Connecting cables, HF-125 flexible 7-position dual headphones


Will throw in 10 Various Electronic / Drum and Bass records

$350 or interesting trades welcome.

Contact Info:


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I bought this package when I was first starting out and it has done me well for learning the basics.

I'm dying to upgrade though.