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FS: 2 Silver Technics 1200 MK2's

DJ Chris Ryan

TRIBE Member
I have a pair of silver tech 12's in excellent condition, fully functional, lights working etc.
I have kept them in heavy duty Clydesdale cases, which are also in impecable condition (they look brand new)
I have several needles/cartridges i can throw in (which will change the price), such as Stanton 680's, RS2's and a pair of Shure needles as well.
I do have the dust covers for the units, however they did their job of protecting the tables proir to going into the road cases, and show heavy signs of wear, one dust cover is actually broken and can only be sat in place, the actual hinge is broken off.

Price for the tables alone is 900
cases 200
needles 100

take everything for 1100

Pics available on request.
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