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FS:2 Pioneer CDJ800's


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selling my cdj's, I bought them in March just for messing around at home, Have not had much time to use them. Basically since ive purchased them in march, i haveused them no more then 10-15 times, these things are in brand new condition like I said barely used. Im in no rush to sell so no low balling please

pm me a email addres and i will email you the pics, i took the pics with my treo 650 so dont expect some high end high quality pics,

I still have the boxes and original packaging.

from there you can make an offer on them and when i see a offer i like i will let them go.


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rule #5 from the RULES STICKY

05. A sale thread's initial post must state a firm asking price. Of course you can haggle, but an initial price must be stated. A post simply asking for offers or conducting a PM auction is not allowed. A price must be stated in initial post.


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shtoop i forgot

i forgot tomention local only toronto area
$1500 for the pair, $800 each
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well i did say we can work something out, i only put that price up because i had to put a price up to keep the post alive

so like i said if itnerested we can work the numbers out later

i do have the original reciepts yes, i bought them from dk depot march 21st 2006
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Agent Smith

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Just picked up these beauties last night. They are in brand spanking new condition, and play beautifully.

Thanks to G-Monkey for selling these at a great price, and thanks for the great tunes you shared too.