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FS: 2 pairs of Pioneer HDJ 2000 Headphones Silver


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These headphones are the bomb. They have been well cared for and functioning.

I'm getting a new pair and just don't need these anymore.

Here is the kijiji ad.

Pioneer HDJ 2000 Headphones | performance & DJ equipment | City of Toronto | Kijiji



I have another pair. The 2nd pair also works perfectly, however, the headband at the top is a little worse for wear.




Earpads on both sets have recently been replaced.

Here is the kijiji ad for the 2nd pair.

Pioneer HDJ 2000 Headphones - worn headband | performance & DJ equipment | City of Toronto | Kijiji

A new pair of these would set you back $349 plus tax.

Pioneer - HDJ-2000 Professional DJ Headphones - Silver
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