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FS: 2 pairs of Lady Gaga tickets, July 12

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by rejenerate, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. rejenerate

    rejenerate TRIBE Member

    Section 120, row 7
    Section 107, row 7

    $385.25/pair (face value)...hard tickets, can meet downtown or send them to you via registered mail for an extra charge. Thanks!
  2. sianspherica

    sianspherica TRIBE Member

    Insane that she is able to command that price for tickets already

    not thread crapping, selling for face is more than fair.

    just amazed that gaga tickets are that high already.
  3. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    you could fly to NYC, have a nice lunch and come back for that price
  4. Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl TRIBE Member

    I'd pay $385 just to be able to go chuck shit at her.

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