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FS - 1997 Grand Am SE four door


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I won a car....so I'm selling my old one....
Pictures to come soon..

1997 Grand Am SE - 4 cyl

I would like $1800.......but that it totally negotiable.....230 000kms. I bought this car brand new....and babied it ever since. My midas mechanic says that this car still has tons of life in it....

I have all of the papers for the following...

Emission tested in may....
Oil changes every 5000k
New Alternator
New Rad
New Coolant
New starter
New oil plug cap
manual transmission
only one small spot of rust on the roof
Pioneer flip down and remove deck
Ipod connector
New all season Tires last summer
New Power steering fluid
New Brake fluid last summer
Rebuilt Heater Core (a while ago)
Rebuilt water pump (a while ago)

PM me.....or s o l a c e v i p a t h o t m a i l . c o m
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Thanks bro......I know you will get lots of enjoyment from that ride....anyone who knows me knows it was hard for me to part with it.....

Keep in touch!