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FS: 175+ Breaks/Breakbeat Records


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Here is a partial List of Titles Included:

Plump Djs - Plump Night Out
Chemical Brothers - Come with Me
Basement Jaxx - Superstylin' breaks mix [ white]
soul of man- serendipity ep [finger licking]
Fatboy Slim - Everybody Needs a 303 [ Skint]
terminal head - beats,rhymes,flavour [kilowatt]
plump djs - soul vibrates/bullet train[finger licking]
kelly reverb - throw your hands/ time to get down [lonestar]
lee coombs - future sound of retro / air guitar [finger licking]
Fatboy Slim - EVerybody Need a 303 [ Skint]
Jelo - saturday night ep [2wars]
M1 - electronic funk [ popular italia]
Plump Djs - the push / remember my name [ Finger Lickin]
Cirrus - back on a mission [ mooshine]
Drummatic Twins - Wont you Rock with Me
Koma + Bones - Shutterspeed [ Thursday Club] 2X12"
Fatboy Slim - Sunset (Bird of Prey) [Skint]
Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up [ XL]
Simon Paul - Drum Three E.P
SDJ - The Donny Brasco E.P [Rat Records]
Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Moist [Whole9Yards]
Q Project - Champion sound
Dj 4play vs huda hudia [kaleidoscope music]
FreQ Nasty - next level breaks ep1 [distinctive records]
FreQ Nasty - next level breaks ep3 [distinctive records]
Freddy Filter vs Nirvana - come as you are [masterstroke]
The Properllerheads - Take california booty [white]
Freq Nasty - that's my style [skint]
Meat Katie & Elite Force - The Answer ft Roland Clark [Kingsize]
Drumattic Twins - drumattical [finger lickin]
Dub Pistols - Keep movin ep ft bassbin twins remix [1500]
Flint - Everybody's funkin/ theme from flint [finger lickin]
? - Garbage mouth ep [ White]
Dubble-Z Technique [DSV]
Dj Brownie - fly mutha Beatz [Ramplant]
JDS - The Chant [Rocksteady] 1-sided
Appollo 440 - lost in space /The Crystal Method - busy child
Tayo meets Acid Rockers - Rockers Delight/Rockers Riddim'
Wink - Higher State of .... bootleg [white]
Dj Brownie - Los Angeles - Underground E.p [Bassex Music]
2 Inda Bush - nutty drumstick/ the lick [finger lickin]
Tom Real Vs The Rogue Element [Functional]
Naughty boys - bend over ep [Get Sum Records]
General Midi - Daft Funk/ The Future[ Thursday Club Recordings]
Criminal Element ORchestra - put the needle to the record [ finger lickin]
Smithmonger - buxom/done bad things [Vinyl addiction breaks]
Daddy - Comeback [ Fat! Records]
Deep Impact - Methods [ Super Charged]
Elite Force - Curveball /Haiku [Whole9Yards]
Shoe7003 - pos 51/massive [ white]
Dj Quest - Jam Hot/Forward [Funkatech]
Myagi - Wish You well ep [2 Wars & A Revolution]
Adam Freeland - Supernatural Thing
Krafty Kuts - uptight/ where is the noise [deepcut]
Scam - Killer/So Good [ deepcut]
drumattic twins - thinkiing about you baby/mutate the beat [ finger lickin]
deep blue - the helicopter tune [shadow]
Dj 43 - pepper spray [Yes Mate Recordings]
Plump Djs - Eargasm LP [Finger Lickin] 2X12"
Soul of Man - Dirty Waltzer/Get it Girls [ Finger Lickin]
Zoul Kontrolas - the first chapter ep [Underground construction]
Sole Claw - Edge of the Earth [Pure Phunk]
Stanton Warriors - Da Virus [ Mob]
The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (2001 remixes)
Snuff - the power Detectives / hot 4 u [ Deepcut]
Sole Claw - Boombox/ smartbomb [Pure Phunk]
Koma & Bones - Y4K EP 2 [Distinctive Breaks]
Blim & Meat Katie - Crazy Things/ Coming To [TOR]
Themroc - The Frozen Ep [Wall of Sound]
4More4TheFloor2 - I AM/Bite it [Kaleidoscope Music]
? - Percussive Thinking (Meat Katie & Elite Force remix) [ Marine Parade]
Stabilizer - Nitzer [Pastic Raygun]
Soul of the Man - Between The Eyes [Finger Lickin]
Rubicon ft Ronnie B - Hit Me off/mr Mista [2wars & Revolution]
Bent Coppa - Break In/ Underground [Proper Records]
? - Jacks Grooves [White]
The Nine - Diverse /Speechless [Runnin]
Baymont ft Bross - Fade IN [Z Audio]
Uber Zone - Botz E.p [ City Of Angels]
Metro - Green Line Acid E.P [Bassex]
Dj Huda Hudia - Under the Breaks EP [Red Label Records]
Drumattic Twins - Twister /Sticky [Finger Lickin]
Rick West - Inside Your Soul [Painted Puppy]
Whodini vs Dj Icey - Five Minutes of funk (Old School vs New School Ep) [Jive]
Hexadecimal - Cold Rock / Funky See Funky Do [Vinyl Addiction Breaks]
Adam Webb - Vegas Ragga/ Communicate [ Union Records]
SuperstyleDeluxe - Let the Drummer EP [ Muto]
LoesLee & Meneater - Polser EP [ Art by Lock]
False Profit - Pixie Boots [White]
Kaos Engine vs Funky Generals - ? [Colony]
Dj Huda Hudia - The Mixmaster Ep [Uniscope]
Atomic Babies - Cetch Da Monkey ft Meat Beat Manifesto and Dj Dan Remixes
Lee Coombs - Perfecto Breaks Album Sampler
Hybrid - Kill City/ Altitude [Distinctive]
One Dead Jedi - Already Dead [EukaBreaks]
Cirrus - Stop & Panic[Moonshine]
fresh n vegas - mekon [stealth]
Saturday Morning Sessions - This is MY Party incl Soul of Man Remix
Factor E - Swing Punk [Low Phat Recordings]
Dj Icey - Vocodor Bass [ Zone Records]
Plump Djs - Big Groovy Fucker [ Finger Lickin]

? ? [suicide 005] dnb
two grenades- bawl out ft mc ironee jungle
chakademus & pliers - gal wine jungle
optiv - strangeways/ flat worm [red light] dnb
Ritachi - Raise it Up [Dope on Plastic] Dnb

Everything except last 5 titles is breaks, about 25-30 white labels/bootlegs. There is about 175-180 titles total. 90% of records are VG: used but not abused.

Tribe price: $280 Delivered to your doorstep.

Individual titles from this list are $5 each/10 records minimum.

(416) seven two one - one zero three seven
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