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FS: $15 SALE!! LUSCIOUS, FICTION 416, SNUG, FIDEL, LITHIUM!! Everything only $15! :)


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Okay I'm in desperate need of more closet space.. I really really want to get rid off this stuff that I don't wear anymore, so I am letting them go dirt cheap. EVERYTHING is only $15! Please take them!! :)

REPOST: Everything that didn't get sold before is here at a reduced price, and I'll add more as I find them:


LITHIUM MFG CO tops with 3/4 sleeves (kind of like dress shirts.. can be good for work as well). Very fitted and stylish. I've taken a picture of the black shirt and lightened it to show the boning. Zip front with printed Lithium logo. Discrete zips on sleeves as well. Small Lithium tag on the right waist as well. Labelled a size L, but I can say it will definitely not fit a Large. Would work best for a small or medium. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but they were at least $60-70 each when I got them!!


LUSCIOUS by Rebecca Ford. Size 2 (small). The straps are to be looped onto your upper arm. Looks much cuter in person, I swear! There is minor stitching loose next to the tag (see picture) but doesn't affect you when you wear it. Otherwise really good condition.. worn less than 2-3 times.

FIDEL. Size 1. Worn once and has been sitting in my closet ever since. Great condition.


LUSCIOUS.Size 2. Wide leg, super soft. I think it's from the Big Beat denim collection.


LUSCIOUS.Size 2. Soft and comfy jeans. Don't know what collection this one is from.


SNUG INDUSTRIES Celestial skirt. Has zipper you can unzip at the front of the skirt. Secret stash pocket and logo at hip. Size 8 (small)

Yes, they are all just $15 each! BUT..


I'm an uptown girl and pickups will be uptown only... for $15 I'm not going to go downtown (where most of the tribers seem to be!) due to gas, parking, and the fact that I hate driving downtown (all those one-way streets and crazy people abound!). Please keep this in mind. ;) Fairview Mall is a good place for meetups b/c it is TTC subway accessible.

Contact info:
PM me!
or email: mintyfresh.closet@gmail.com

Thanks everyone :)
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FICTION 416/ FDCO. Grey tank with logo in front and the straps you can tie yourself. Has a shelf bra. Size Small. Worn a few times, it's super soft and made of 100% cotton (has a bit of pilling due to the nature of the material) .


FICTION 416/ FDCO. Soft comfy 100% cotton hoodie with kangaroo pockets and logo on chest. No longer has the cotton drawstring on hood.. wonder what happened to that? Anyway sorry it's not included. Size Medium


Bought at Fiction sample sale. Has line running through inside label. Very cute! Little pockets and logos on sides. Size Small. Worn less than 4 times.


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^ :cool:

While shopping is certainly a drug-like addiction for me, I am by no means a dealer, so no deliveries.. unless you take a whole bunch or you're in the Markham/North York area.. :)

It costs $15 just to PARK downtown!!
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