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FS: 1200's..Serato..Needles..and more

Sean Collier

TRIBE Promoter
I really havent been using my 1200's enough over the past few months for me to justify having them take up space in my tiny bedroom, so I am willing to sell them. Also, I would be willing to part with Serato if the price is right. This is an item that I would just as much like to keep and use with my cdj's.

These TT's are in absolute mint condition - not a single scratch on them. I puchased them about a year ago and they haven't left my room since.

2 x 1200 MK2 - Black -- $1200.00

Rane Serato ----------- $750.00 (Currently retails for $749.00+tax = $861.00)

2 x Stanton Trackmaster RS (Roger Sanchez) Needles ----- $200.00 (retail = $247.00+tax = $284.00)

Echo Indigo DJ PCMCIA Sound Card ---- $100.00 (retails for $250.00+tax)

All of these items are in perfect working condition and have been kept in a smoke free environment.

If interested, you can email me: sean58[AT]telus.net
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Sean Collier

TRIBE Promoter
The decks are SOLD.

price drop on the Stanton Trackmaster Roger Sanchez needles - $175

Echo Indigo DJ sound card - $100
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