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FS: 100+ Progressive/Tech House Records


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Mostly Older prog and tech house with some tribal bits in there.

vibration inc - dr drum/metis/ hard vibe [ basic traxx]
Koma & Bones Pres Y4K - blu mar ten / phender [Distinctive]
Audio Bullys - Bang Bang [White]
paranoid jack - back to kitsilano [disko 32]
Infernal - Slave to the rythm EP [Basic Traxx]
Sasha - Xpander EP [Deconstruction] 2X12"
Stanny Franssen - When it has to Go Fast Ep [Tortured]
Chris Anderson - Underground [Eastern Bloc]
Michael Peters - Return [Creative Music]
Halo, Hipp-E & Tony - The 6400 crew Ep [Yoshitoshi]
Cevin Fisher's big freak - The Freaks come out [Tommy Boy Silver] classic cut !
Trevor Kiernander - talking' bout house music [Four Recordings]
Paranoid Jack - Slave Driver ep [Stickman]
Peace Division - Cross Wires/ Back 2 back [Low Pressings]
Hipp-E and Eric Davenport pres Cambridge Sweets - Jesus Loves 2000/Touched by music [ in tha mix]
Alex Peace - From inside the Speaker Ep [Faded Muzik]
Antoine Clamaran - Colombia EP [Congos]
Playboy - In Da Jungle [Progressive Platter]
The Disko Kidz - UNO EP [Teknotik]
Carl Cox - Phuture 2000 (U.s remixes) [Moonshine]
Timo Maas - Eclipse / Shadow Lounge [Bush]
Zeroid - Music Ep [Four01Recordings]
Gender/Fix - Frisky Little Devil E.P. [Bugeyed]
Novy vs Eniac - Pumpin' Ep [Positiva]
A squared - Do you like the way you shake? Ep [Asquaredmuzik]
Vibration in. - Dr Drum/Metis/Hard Vibe [Basic Traxx]
Bryan Cox - Can't Stop [Eden]
Too Scoops - Foundation Ep [Concrete Recordings]
Domenic G - High Steppin [Bugeyed]
Wicked Wipe - Rock da house [Staub]
Melvin Reese - Beautiful Woman [Fine tune]
16 th Element - warp/well strung [Subliminal]
Dj Dero - Mayday [Jucy]
Plasma - Immigration song [White] Zeppelin ootleg
Harrison Crump - The Talk 2 [Hump]
Dj Enrie & George Centeno - Gimme That Funk [Moonshine]
Julio Tores - Biruta [Harlem Electric]
Dj Sandy Vs Housetrap - Overdrive [Positiva]
Deluxe vs White Stripes- Sweet Dreams ( Tenaglia Rmxs) [White]
Bryan Cox - Zaitech [IHR]
Lectroluv - Dream Drums [Eight Ball Records] 2X12"
4th Avenue - Sexual flavors [White]
Laurent Pautrat pres. Boostronic III [Academy]
Harry Choo Choo Romero - Beats Vol 2 [Subliminal] Samples&locked grooves
Jelo - Chaos Bringer [ 2Wars]
Filter Grinder - Rockin Tha Disco [Whip Lash Records]
Denver ft Derek Conyer -Can't Give Up [Moody]
Hollis P Monroe - I'm Lonely [Stickman] 2002 remixes
Nick Hook - Enhanced [Instinctive] including Mike Monday Remix
Onionz & Master D - The Fading MEmories E.P. [Doubledown]
Raoul Zerna - Arriba Las Manos [Funkteck]
Trackeholic - you'll wanna [Underground Construction]
Vantraxx - Kickbass [Academy]
Dj HMC- Pheakin'/ Cum on [Dirty House Records]
Armand Van Helden - Gandhi Khan [Armed] 2X12"
Dj Dan - Put that record back on remixes [Kinetic] including peace division remix
Winx - Don't Laugh (The millineum Mixes) [Sorted] 2X12" including Picotto,Timo Maas remixes
Timo Maas pres Music For Maases [Hope]
Yves & Dj XL - Deevaz [Wanted]
Dizzy - On and on (the big fat remixes) [Four01Recordings]
Basstone - Phatt Move [SFH]
Knee Deep - Russian Roulette (ltd remixes) [Highball Music]
A-j-scent - sense the presense [ptsounds]
Fd Henderson Ep - Fd Henderson Ep [Untidy]
The Floorfillerz - Get High [Terraform Records]
Tobi One - In memory of Ep [tag]
Babe Instinct - Disco Babes from Outer Space [Subliminal]
4N6 -Let it Ride [BugEyed Tunes]
Steve Smooth - Beat Freaker [IHR]
Markov - More Than a Life Away [In charge]
Halo, Hipp-E & Tony - Primitive [Tango]
David Garcia - Fx [Moonshine]
Hipp-E - Down on me/Primary Function [Doubledown]
The Jackal - Clear MEssage E.P [Sondos]
Bryan Cox - All you Bitches [Elixir]
Paranoid Jack - Slave Driver Remixes [Stickman]
Chris Rave - I Know You/ Love me too! [Additive]
Snitty & Eric Davenport - Money Shot with Raoul Zerna remix [Asquaredmuzik]
Dj Montana:// - Defloration Ep [Black Hole]
Angel Alanis - The Funkhead Ep [IHR]
Dirty Funker - Don't Stop [Spirit]
Rob Tissera - Kick Up the Volume [XL Recordings]
Peter Presta & Little Carlos - On the Drum [Apple Jaxx]
Par-t-one - I'm so crazy [Subliminal] Dirty Vegas mixes
Angel Alanis - Ben Pa ca E.p. [Jungle Boogie]
paranoid jack - u/ deliver me/the real deal [ stickman]
B mcCarthy - hell bent EP [ doubledown]
La - Liga - we R future/das beat [Black Russian]
Chris Anderson - Overdose [Catalyst]
TDR - Squelch [Oxygen]
M1 Ft Flipside - Freak the Frequency [Electrade]
Pair of Jacks - Blackjack [Solmatic]
Jelo - Dirty Thumper Remixes [Easten Bloc]
Funkaholic - My House /Luna Conga [Untidy]
Markus Nikolai/Flygang - Bushes (rmxs)/discotrain [mtl remix sessions]
Philippe B. & Antoine Clamaran - moved on you [Electron]
Bryan Cox - Set it Off 2004 [ Funkteck]
Fullbody soundsystem - promo smapler 2005
Paranoid jack - Smart Hockey Ep [ Stickman]
Meat Katie & Elite Force - Nu-Tron [Wadrift]
+ few whitelabels

Individual titles $5 a piece/ 10 minimum.

Lot Price: $140.

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