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FS: 100+ House & Techno Records


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List :
The Avalanches -Electricity EP (including Dj Harvey and Dr Rockit Remixes)
Nacho Marco - Loudeast Stars EP [L-man 001]
Armand Van Helden & The Horse - Ghetto House Groove\ Cevin Fisher & Jason Jinx - The way we used to
Saucy- Pony Club Ep [Bamboo]
Crenshaw - Every Single Day\Come to me [Inversus]
Kevin Freeman - Time for Revolution [Saw.recordings]
Untouchables, The - Go Bah! (Los Africanos) / "Little" Louie Anthem Part II [Strictly Rhythm]
Spanish Society pres La Soca - Arriba EP [ Strictly Rhythm]
Carl Cox - Two Paintings and A Drum [Edel]
Souldoubt – Just North Of South EP [Houseplant]
De-Tox vs. Mirage – Nightclubbers EP [ Real Groove]
Natural Rhythm - Your World EP [Dufflebag]
Meccaheadz - Night Skool EP [Europa]
Dj Motion - Barely Hanging ON EP [Ultrasound]
Hart & Held - Rocking Myself [Sony]
New Aluminists, The – Get Down On It [Paper Recordings]
Predator, The - Outer Limits [Industrial Music]
Cardboard - A thought About You [Cuba Recordings]
Paperback Player - Hands up High [Strictly Rhythm]
Ralphi Rosario presents Xaviera Gold - You used to hold me 94" 2X12"
Natural Rhythm – Be Loved EP [ Nightshift]
Aly-Us - Follow Me [Strictly Rhythm]
CZR - Another LEvel [IHR]
Ian Pooley - Enlite / Juice [Strive Music]
Kenny Dope presents The Bucketheads - The bomb [Henry Street Music]
Aswefall - Ride [Kill the Dj]
Jungle Brothers - V.I.P [V2] 2X12"
Dmitri Andreas- Second EP [LUPP]
Dj Ze Mig:L - Crank Em Knobs EP [Fined Recordings] 2X12"
Hybrid - Wide Angle [Distinctive] 3X12"
Barada - Barada Trax IV EP [Catalyst]
Angel Alanis - The Funkhead EP [IHR]
Mo Shic - Trilock [Contrast]
Mr C - Because/Amazone [End Recordings]
Bryan Zentz Skufftones 1.0 [Intec]
Austin Tanney & Phil Kieran - Dont Sit Around [Slide Recordings]
Paul Jacobs presents: Sould Grabber - Part Four [Aquarius]
Dj Skitzo - Tricky Trax Ep [IHR]
Phresh 'N' Low - Remixes [Deep Freeze] Alex smoke and Freaks remixes
Mk ft. Alana - Love Changes [Charisma] including a masters of work dub
Nrk - Singles Collection III [NRK] 3X12" including miguel migs, nick holder and more.
Tery Mullan and Halo - The Speaker Phreakers Ep [sm:)e]
Nate Williams presents Clubb Patrol - Hay,Hay [Subliminal]
Gauss Control - Between my legs/ war division [Undress Records]
The Fuitloop - shake it up/beat kicks in [Tripoli trax]
Men at Large - you me ep[East West records]
le knight club vs dj sneak - intergalactic disko [crydamoure]
Gideon Jackson -wont you come/ that time in a party [pirate radio]
Tony Estrada - Tony estrada ep [pure substance]
BCML- Fun [Secret Planet]
Groovefire - Mama [3Beat]
Rouzbeh Delavari - Lalala [Pure Substance]
Max Graham - Coastline [Shinemusic]
Kebacid - Bass Intruder [Blank]
D Bajema -Twilight [HunyaMunya]
Peace Division pres The Doped out Kings - Groove me [Release]
Kingsley - I like it [dsev music]
Steve Loria - Amor Latino [Dulce] including david alvarado remix
The Lawyer - I wanna mmm... [Sony]
X Revolution - the beat goes on [Indigo]
Le Pimp - Le Rock [Terraform Records]
Jason Jinx - When you Know you're There [Subliminal]
Tom Chasteen - Freedom [Copyright] including Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham remix
Felix Da Housecat - In the Dark We Live [Emotive]
Urban Farmers - Era [2020 Vision]
King Britt pres Firefly ft Ursula Rucker - Supernatural [Slip n Slide] Derrick Carter and Hardsoul remixes
Trevor Loveys and Jesse Rose pres Izit? -Played Out Ep [Made to Play]
Jay-J and Miguel Migs -Rock the Spot/Club 2 Club [Multi Tracked]
? - The Big Booty Ep1 [Knockin' Boots]
Greenskeepers - On the Live [Greenskeepers Music] Jt Donaldson, members only, pete moss & Mark farina Remixes
Subverter - Bring Out the Apparatus Ep [Reverberations]
Circulation -Aubergine [Circulation]
Protones - Makin Musik [Honolulu United Recordings]
Rachael Starr - Till There Was You [white]
Blubba Boy - 50,000 watts [Caffeine]
Kariya - Let Me love you for tonight [Ripe]
Brett Dancer - The Sound Lab Series [Track Mode]
Secam - Tv Education [Konsequent]
Edwards and Armani - Sex [Mg Recordings] sweet slice of 1988 acid house
Pepper Digs - Whoa [Even Up] 2X12"
Dj Laflieche - Flex E.P. [Slang]
Club Heroes - Dum Dum [?] including Green Velvet Remix
Mojolators - when i hear music/ who can dance [Club]
Various - Listen Up [Qwest]
Bert -Vol 1 [100 Records]
Olive - Miracle [RCA] including Murk remix
Dj Sneak - I Dropped my Glowstick [Magnetic]
Blue Room Project - Out of Area [Blueprint]
Jorge Felucca - Subkingdom 8 & 9 [Remote]
Nathan Drew Larsem & Mazi - Give Chase [Airtight]
CZR - Release ( joey beltram remix) [ STX]
The Crystal Method - Name of the Game Remixes [Outpost]
Harrison Crump - Make it [Hump]
Gideon Jackson - Sunrise [Faya]
Andrew Phelan & Origami ft Brown - We Carry On [Prismatic]
Jamie Anderson - when Machines Collide [Artform]
Robbie Rivera - Nothing to Offer [Subliminal]
Fatboy Slim - Retox (Dave Clark and Freq Nasty Remixes [Skint]


pm or gimme a shout/text at (416) seven two one - one zero three seven


TRIBE Member
following are gone:
Carl Cox - Two Paintings and A Drum
CZR - Another LEvel [IHR]
CZR - Release ( joey beltram remix) [ STX]
AngelAlanis - The funkhead EP
Terry Mullen and Halo - the speaker freaker EP
Felix da house cat - in the dark
Robbie Rivera - nothing to offer
Harrison cump - make it
The big booty ep1 - (knockin boots)
Peace division - groove me
Bryan Zentz skufftones 1.0
Dj Skitzo - tricky trax ep (ihr)
Ian Pooley - Enlite
Dj Ze Mig:L - Crank em knobs EP

Remainder is up for grabs for $150. will consider offers or trades for Evolution UC33 in decent shape