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FS: 100 House Records


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Lot consists mostly of the Club House/ French House type of sound with some early Electro House and Disco House Bits. Lots of big tunes from the years past.

Daft Punk - Technologic [ Virgin] Including Basement Jaxx remix YouTube - Daft Punk - Technologic
Lcd Sounsystem - daft punk is playing in my house [DFA]
Antoine Clamaran - Decadence/ Attraction [Influence Records] YouTube - Antoine Clamaran - decadence
Benni Benassi - Satisfaction [D Vision]
Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene Remixes [Cube] Static Revenger + Ladytron Remixes
Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock [ Positiva] YouTube - Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock (Official video)
Hatiras - feet it [sound division]
Roger Sanchez - Turn On The Music [Stealth] YouTube - Turn on the music - Roger Sanchez ft.GTO
Armand Van Helden - 2 Future 4U LP [Armed] 4X12"
Mighty Dub Katz - Let The Drums Speak [Southern Fried]
Olav Basoski - Samplitude 11 [Musik 4 Da People] YouTube - Olav Basoski - For Da Music
Bomfunk MC's - Uprocking Beats remixes [IHR]
Royal Gigolos - California Dreamin' [FFA] YouTube - Royal Gigolos California Dreamin
Mousse T ft Emma Lanford - Right About Now [Free 2 Air]
Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme remixes [ White]
Dj Sandy vs Housetrap - OverDrive [Positiva]
Dj Dan - Put that record back on pt 2 [Honchos]
Steve Smooth & JJ Flores ft Delano - Release [Fine Tune]
Who Da Funk ft Jessica Eve - Shiny Disco Balls YouTube - Who Da Funk Feat. Jessica Eve - Shiny Disco Balls

Sebastien Leger - Birthday 5th [Black Jack]
Dj Flex - Feedback Ep "Amazing" [ Subliminal] YouTube - [House] Dj Flex - Amazing (Original Mix)
Groove Man - Funky Peak /No Limit [Vector]
Raoul Zerna - Funking on the Floor [ Cymbol]
Hatiras & Dj Dan ft Messinian - Baked from scratch [ Blowmedia]
zuHouse Rockers - power[Minimali:stik]
Sahara ft Armand Van Helden - Wasn't the Only/ Stay Here
Dj Vitamin D - Bitch Got It for Free [Nine Records]
George Centeno & Darren Ramirez - Disco Shit [Electronik Avenue]
Planet Funk - Chase the Sun YouTube - Chase The Sun - Planet Funk
Antoine Clamaran - Energy Remixes [Full House Records]
David Garcia & Jay Walker - You Can't Change my Ways [IHR]
Dj Vitamin D - That Latin Track [Loaded]

Earth Wind & Fire - September 99 Phats & Small Remix [ Sony]
mario ochoa - small town big hell ep [electron]
jj flores & steve smooth - the ride ft antoine clamaran rmx [ fine tune]
antoine clamaran - univers ep pt3[ fine tune]
antoine clamaran - univers ep pt2[Royal Flush]
? - Walking Saw [white]
? - The Cooky Factory LTD vol 1 [White
Basement jaxx - get me off
Anteck - impact [academy]
Harrison Crump - The Talk 2 [Hump]
Smooth & J - Get Naked [Fine Tune]
richard f - the way [ subliminal]
N-Gel - On Fire [Hypertraxx]
R. Rivera's Grooves , ft Shawnee Taylor [Direction Records]
Enzo Mori & Stephan Clark [Royal Flush]

Dj Dan pres Needle Damage - That Zipper Track Remixes [ Moonshine]
Mark Almaria - Abstract Beatdown Ep [IHR]
The Modwheel - Destination Morocco [Head Records]
High Caliber - The Funk Box E.P [Nocturnal Recordings]
MK - Burning [Activ] Classic House Classic :) YouTube - MK - Burning (Original Vibe Mix)
Richard Vission - Automatic [System]
Dj Dan - Get Up [Kinetic]
Steve Smooth - Beat Freaker [IHR]
Samurai Jack & Kevin Sunray - Its gotta be love/Tribal Answer [Fine Tune]
hatiras, macca & alex peace - hey frankie! [blowmedia]
bad boy bill - everybody ft alex peace[ITH]
Macca pres. Jacques Bauer - grade A bitch [ blowmedia]
Hatiras - Money Shot ft Antoine Clamaran remix [blowmedia]
? - Freaks on the Floor [White]
Blaze - ft Palmer Brown - Do you Remember House [Slip N Slide]

CZR - Release [ STX]
Jess & Crabbe - The Big Booya Ep [Fiat Lux]
Tips & Tricks Vs Wisdom - Let's Groove
Konk West - Portabello's Swing [ Four]
Cosmos vs Daft Punk - Take Me Harder [RedFlava recordings]
R. Rivera Grooves - Funk-A-Thon [Subliminal]
Intexor vs. Sinesweeper - Physical /Scope [Phantom Recordings]
Billy Lo - Heavy Weight Ep [IHR]
High Spies & D'Layna - Better Days [Rootz]
Erick Morillo, Harry Romero & Jose Nunez ft Jessica Eve - Dancin' fuzzy hair Remixes [Subliminal]
Paul Johnson - Just Dance! [Riviera]
Patrick Lindsey - Phonk School [Loud & Slow]
Angel Alanis - Wickedness Ep [Asquaredmuzik]
CZR & ITO - Bringin the Funk & Feel the Pressure [Subliminal] 2X12"
James Dean - Spin the Bass Ep [Duct Records]
Pre Modelo - the Rhythm The Rhyme [Prototype]
Kevin Sunray ft Kelli Rich - Mr DJ [Fine Tune]
Angel Alanis & Nelson Perez - Cold Phused II [Soul Phusion]

Groove Man - Ignites That Bits [ Vector]
Cirrus - Straight Laid Out [Moonshine]
Commander Tom - Attention! [Data Records]
Bryan Cox ft Dutch - Tell Em I'm Good [Elexir]
Jan Francisco meets Joseph Armani - Infatuation [F*** Me I'm Famous] Including David Guetta remix
Jose Nunez - Air Race [Subliminal]
CZR ft Alex Peace - Satisfied [Eden Recordings]
Richard F. ft Samantha Stock - Let the sun shine thru [Subliminal]
Mario Ochoa - Can You Feel It [Fine Tune]
Benny Benassi prez The Biz - approved bootleg megamix [white]
Rubber Souls - Don't Pick Me Up [Moody]
Angel Alanis - Love Fuck [In Stereo]
Carole Pope ft Hatiras - All touch\transcend [bugeyed]
Groove man - in the Air [Prototype Platinum]
? - Stevie Wonder Bootleg [White]
CZR & ITO - Soiree [Sondos]
Basement Jaxx & D.J Funk - Bing'o Bang'o [White]
Laurent Wolf - Rock Machine [ Darkness]
Fight Club ft Laurent Konrad - Spread Love [Nebula Music]
Pantyhose heroes - dirty protest ep [Wax Lyrical]

There is just over 100 records

$200. Individual Titles from this list are $5 with a 10 minimum and pickup only.

Will give you a deal and will deliver within GTA if you want to combine it with any other record lots i have listed or will list in next few days. Located just off Yonge street south of Finch Subway.