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Frozen OJ in cans

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I can't add to this thread cuz I have been having a love affair with tropicana for the past 4 years :D

but I do like eating the frozen orange juice out of the can :D
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I starting having fresh squeezed OJ recently (thanks to my handy dandy new juicer) and I'm so hooked. WE used to buy that frozen McCain Orange punch. It's good....if you're into orange drink!
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Originally posted by exrboy
What is the yummiest kind? I'm getting tired of paying like $5.00 for a jug of Tropicana.

hear you on that one. my tropicana addiction was getting expensive.

i buy minute maid, old south, store brands. try different ones, you'll get to know which ones you like eventually. also, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS as far as how much water to put in. i hate when people do that. :mad: it always turns out too strong/concentrated.
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old south is always good

minute maid has variable consistency in quality

never had a really good store brand, but maybe it's a psychological thing


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Tropicana is soooo good but much too expensive

Old South is my favourite

I find minute maid goes bad really fast.
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Originally posted by Destiny Productions
FYI, your body sees a glass of OJ no different than a tablespoon of pure sugar... try to go with veggie juice or water instead.

OJ has no fat. And the same amountof calories as veggie juice.

Water, obviously, is the best choice. But OJ from concentrate is not the same as a tablespoon of sugar.


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PC OJ is good, Old South is okay too... idea: try them all and find one you like...

in the meantime :) If you mix a little fresh oj with lots of concentrate you get all the taste with less of the cost.


I use about $5 worth of concentrate OJ a week.



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Labelling laws are such that a company can add up to 60% by weight of sugar to concentrated orange juice and still call it "100% from concentrate", and it doesn't have to say anything on the label about the added sugar.
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