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-= Frostbyte 24 hr DJ Marathon - London =-

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Booty Bits, Jan 14, 2001.

  1. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    okay, its about time to post a review!

    Frostbyte was flawlessly executed considering the sheer amount of organization involved. Djs were booked for a total of 24 hours, all of whom showed up and played great sets. I heard more good music over those two days (friday and saturday) than I have in a long time.

    first, the set up: plenty of room to dance, plenty of room to wander, plenty of seating. free water for 24 hours. clean washrooms. adorable decorations. funky lighting. loud system. live internet feeds and webcams. it doesn't get much better.

    now the music: the first set i caught was Clint House's funky techno at 6PM. amazing! everyone who was there will confirm it, this guy has got the skills. too bad he didn't have a better time slot! but then again, you can't fit 20 some odd DJs in the prime slots.
    other stand out sets: Doublecross' set at the high point of the night. packed dancefloor, high energy, tracks i had never heard before.
    Jelo was purely random. thats why alot of people like him... you never know what you're gonna get. i thought it was kinda ridiculous, but hey, its all good.
    D-Minus, for weeding out the softcore weenies and the old fogies who couldn't keep up! all anthems... absolutely hysterical. CheeseCore blaring at my on-campus bar. priceless.
    Spinsah (Phaedrus) and Strongbow's trance sets. both were completely exhausted but neither of them let us down! Spence gave us some wicked tracks and showed us his KISS imitation the whole time!
    Alex (Strongbow) was wicked too! i loved his track selection and it was perfect for the time of day. nice job guys!
    at this point (7 AM) i really had to get some sleep. but the following afternoon i listened to even more sick sets from home while writing an essay! Morgan Moran's show closing tech-house set was surprisingly interesting and groovy. i hear he had to contend with breaking needles too...

    sooo... probably one of my favourite nights in london for a long time. so many familiar faces. so many TBK kids.

    personal highlights:
    -Stormshadow pouring his beer on his crotch. slick.

    -meeting Black Elvis.

    -singing along to far too many hhc tracks to my friends' horror.

    -meeting Preroller and doing all i could to keep dancing with him thru the morning!

    -seeing people from all my courses and talking about school stuff.

    -RAVING AT THE SPOKE! what more can you say??? its just so surreal!

    Congratulations to all the organizers, the DJs and the MIT council for pulling off an outstanding event!

    Booty Bits
  2. dot.communist

    dot.communist TRIBE Member

    Did Rick McGee perform his live PA?

    Just wondering.

  3. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    yeah. he played a dark, gritty Gabber set back2back with Albert, the old guy who runs around the track at the football games.
    slammin' set.
  4. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    I absolutely loved this party. I couldn't get there until 12:30, but as soon as I stepped in, the place was amazing! Seeing that kind of party in the same place that I sit and eat CLT's and fries every day between class was pure rediculousness. Familiar faces everywhere you turned, lots of people dancing... what more can you ask for? And it was all for a good cause!

    Thanks to the fine people at MIT for putting on such a great party!

  5. dot.communist

    dot.communist TRIBE Member


    You know, his speed garage set was quite stale last time i heard him play at the Ramp ...i'm glad he's playing something now that's closer to his heart. I don't like that old Albert guy he's alway's so jibbed out trying to beg loonies and shit.
  6. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    bootybits! u left half an hour before my set [​IMG]

    Had a blast friday/saturday.... Hopefully MIT considers doing this again...

    Tres fun! [​IMG]

  7. tella

    tella TRIBE Member

    big up aimee....sounds like your party was a success [​IMG]
  8. strongbow

    strongbow TRIBE Member

    Ahh, yes, what a fun party that was.

    Big ups to the organizers for pulling off a great event. Very well done.

    All the more fun was that it was at the Spoke, a place I would have never suspected would have "rave" music, or have ravers and regular bar-types all in the same room. What a sight! [​IMG]

    Thanks to all those who stuck around for my set. I could barely keep my eyes open, although I managed to wake up about 20 minutes or so into my set. Comments on tracks are always welcome, as I'm experimenting with mixing styles in different ways.

    I learned my lesson, though. Keep dave away from my records. [​IMG]

    keep the vibe alive
  9. MikeTwisted

    MikeTwisted TRIBE Member

    Good Lord...is the Wave still called the Wave?
    And man did I ever despise the Spoke.
  10. JEMZ

    JEMZ TRIBE Member

    Hey Mike, I work at the Wave. If you are asking if it is still called the Wave, then I have to assume the Spoke you went to was in the dark Basement of Somerville house. The Spoke moved into the UCC five years ago now, and is like a completely different bar. Are you a Western Alum?
  11. sweetbabu

    sweetbabu TRIBE Member

    I showed up at this at like 2am but for the short while i was there i had fun. I had to go to Nightmare the next night so we had to leave. It was weird when I first got there cuz it wasn't what I expected. I had a fun time and saw lots o familiar faces. Big ups to London, for this was the first time I ever had fun at one of your events.

  12. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    well i had a pretty good night!

    considering my friend almost died there... it was so scary none of us even knew how to react. i was just in shock, i mean i was the last person he talked to. no one could wake him up, he wasn't breathing, his heart stopped... he was white as a ghost and turning alot sickly lookin than that... he just looked dead. oh my god, im shaking just remembering the whole thing.

    i just have one complaint about that though.
    at first one of the ladies just said "you have to get him out of here, he cant be in here like that" (because he was passed out) but i kind of raised my voice and said "well aren't you going to do something? we can't even tell if he's breathing! call SOMEONE! DO SOMETHING!"

    so finally head security or whoever came over, and then the paramedics... to be honest, the whole thing went a little too slow for me! i wanted the paramedics there after we realised he was in serious trouble but oh well i guess it doesn't matter now.

    the paramedics told us to stay away... after a bit we went to check on his condition and he was gone out of the hallway!

    ya THANKS for notifying his friends that you took him to the hospitol via ambulance! i know he had to go, but it would have been nice to be informed!

    i was so pissed! i was scared, i was going through so many emotions...

    do i call his parents? do i call my mom? what do i do? its like the middle of the night and we're from out of town! i don't know how to get to the hospitol, what do i do when we get there ETC ETC

    so someone just told us there wasn't much we could do, and that there was no point of going to the hospitol but just to wait and stay in touch. boy that was hell...

    so for as large chunk of the night we danced just to get out minds off the whole thing... but out hearts were with our friend.

    he returned to us safely a few hours after, and we were so happy! he had color in his face! he was alive!

    everyone keeps asking me if he's ok and yes he's ok.

    thank you all! those who were there for us, thank you EVERYONE who helped, and the staff at the SPOKE the paramedics, everyone..

    and my favorite sets of the night were:


    fuckin AMAZING SETS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!

    nokurtal, elektra, jelo AW HELL YA!
    great sets you guys, amazing!

    i just wish i could have gotten a groove on, rather than just dance to some beats... but hey, i guess i had other things on my mind eh?

    it was great to meet you PREROLLER!
    and it was great to see some of my toronto buddies i haven't seen in awhile, and also party friends i haven't seen since i lived there! you guys kick ass-- Lynne especially! thanks for your support throughout the night!

    latah kids
    peace, and take care!
    narissa [​IMG]
  13. Dam That SnarkEE Kid

    Dam That SnarkEE Kid TRIBE Member

    I really dislike doing this to you but "Welcome to Dam That Snarky Kid's World!"

    I'm not sure why you're posting about this circumstance but it really seems out of context, and innappropriate. I'm not denying it didn't happen, but what you posted is grossly incorrect.

    It was scary that Warren passed out at the party, and whenever you're a friend, your initial reaction is to panic and freeze up.

    But I was there, and everyone was doing their best to help your friend right from the beginning. Yelling "SOMEONE DO SOMETHING" and worrying is all good, but it wasn't you or any of your/his friends who helped him.

    It was infact Kate the organizer of the event, and Jean-Paul (a random Western guy) who ended up helping your friend. Helping "DO SOMETHING DO SOMETHING" is great and dandy, but unless you're actually helping out, don't accuse other people of being too slow. Strangers (and the organizer of the event herself) were helping your friend more than anyone else.

    Actually, the entire event went by very quickly. In about five minutes, there were two people helping your friend, as well as a bouncy, two security guards, and SERT (The campus emergency crew).

    Obviously it did not go by "slowly" if you didn't even notice the Ambulance come and pick up your friend. It went by very quickly, infact.

    And for your information, his heart did not stop. I don't know where you heard that from. The E you were on, maybe?

    Actually, the person who told you not to go to the hospital was looking out for both you, as well as your friend. Having drug-induced friends walking around in a sketchy daze at the hospital is not helpful. People were looking out for your behalf, as well as Warren's. It was the smart decision, in my opinion.

    I'm sorry you couldn't have a better night. Maybe if you had partied more responsibly, you would have enjoyed it all.

    Also, I think the major "thanks" should go to Kate (The organizer)who more than helped your friend, despite having "things on her mind" as well. And to Jean-Paul who despite not even knowing your friend, took it upon himself to help out from beginning to end.

    Yes. And thanks for being ungrateful.

    I'm not saying it was anyone's fault, or trying to dismiss the event...Not in the least. It was an unfortunate damper on the night. Especially for you, being one of Warren's good friends. But your reply seems to have been made in haste, and it seriously leaves a bad taste in my mouth...I just hope you're posting this because you're actually thanking those you helped your friends while you chemically danced your night away...and that you're not looking for sympathy.

    Because your last post is far from sympathetic. More tactless. Especially the cheery *YAY* parts at the end.

    I just hope we all learn a lesson from this.

    - Sayin' It Like It Is -
  14. NoKtUrNaL

    NoKtUrNaL TRIBE Member

    Indeed a great night. First off, mad thanks to Kate and Aimee for organizing such an amazing night all for charity. Thanks to The Spoke, Western University, and MIT as well. Since the party was 100% free, I hope the London supporters donated as much as they could to help the cause. I would also like to thanks all those that listened/watched live on the net including my undernet #rave'rs.
    I am starting to get a new found love of playing in London, and you guys seem to like my breakbeats, so it is a good combo [​IMG]. Check me out in London at an upcoming RRC party and possibly a Pure Phunk night. Finally I have to thank the Hostest With the Mostest, Ashley [​IMG]) (i am sure marty would agree).


  15. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    awwww thanks Narissa.. it was definately wikkid seein ya kickin it.. thanks for the support!

    Glad to hear your friend turned out OK

  16. Eclipze

    Eclipze TRIBE Member

    thankyou for having me out..i really had a blast ..minus the little sleep i had..or did i have? haha..anywhore...it was a great party =)
    i hope i can make it up for the next one? =)

    once again..thankyou
  17. strongbow

    strongbow TRIBE Member

    Hey thanks nar nar! I'm glad you enjoyed it. [​IMG]

    (Even though I've never met you heeh)

    keep the vibe alive
  18. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    ok let me first by saying

    you are right. 100% fuckin percent.

    although no, i was not on E (i'd like to clear that up) but that's besides the point.

    i realised after i sent that message that it was totally innapropriate of me. with no edit i could not take it back- i guess i couldv'e replied to my own message (which is what i wanted to do) and apoligized for writing that in the first place but i figured the damage had already been done. and no, i am not just saying that because i got a reply back, i am saying that because i honestly mean it. for real guy.

    i *really am* grateful to kate, and to whoever helped out that night. that is the first thing something like that has happened in my presence, time seemed to pass slow i guess, i mean given the circumstances, and how scared i was, that's what i thought and ya i freaked out.

    someone told me his heart stopped, and no one told me differently. i do apoligize for not having full out facts of the incident.

    hey, i did have a good time at the party, (warren situation aside) i listened to the sets, i met some new people, i danced (although very shitty and without a groove at all) and everyone i met seemed to have a very good time. i found it went very smoothly, i liked the venue, i like london, and i thank those that made my night.

    i did it once, but i will do it again, i do apoligize for what i said, it was innapropriate and i'm sorry anyone had to read it.

    i *can* comment more maturely with a level head today... earlier this week was not the time to be posting anything anywhere on the net, my mind was in a million different places, seriously stressed and upset and i am sorry.

    like i said, i am really grateful, and no i was not looking for sympathy. hey-- i shake my head at what happened. it could have been prevented.

    thank you for your comments,
    narissa [​IMG]

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